El Paso Electric To Add Bill Surcharge

POSTED: Monday, August 1, 2011 - 4:40pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 2:11pm

EL PASO- At the end of this month you may notice your electric bill will be a little higher.

El Paso Electric tells us they have "interim approval" from the Public Utility Commission to add a fuel charge of $1.55 to each household bill, monthly.

They say an increase in the price of natural gas and in energy consumption are to blame.
If this measure is signed, which is likely, you'll see the increase on your August bill.

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A $1.50 today $3.00 handling fee tomorrow. This is outrageous. The city council needs to allow other electrical companies to come in. The monopoly EPEC should be illegal.

@Kamikazi - We aren't a third world country and the way the economy is doing a double dip recession my money matters and if i pay for something i demand better service.

Well, I'm not really surprised by this tactic, considering that they wish to be like the BANKS.. surcharge... seriously?

I am already paying an extra, $2.00 just to pay my bill online, because I live too far away from a bill paying station/location, as I refuse to write checks and use snail-mail.

Since the ~ *FREEZE INCIDENT* ~ they should - (at least) - wave this added cost, and waited until they get their act together, and actually be a company that we all can trust and depend on.

I find it ridiculous that they want to add a charge to the monthly bill after half of El Paso had black outs during the winter freeze, and now every time it rains or there are strong winds the power goes out in various locations across town. I believe EP Electric should first provide excellent, black-out free service before they expect to raise the bill by so much. It might seem that $1.50 won’t be much, but they’re raising this on all households which will generate quite a few thousands a month

Hey, $1.55 a month surcharge for crappy service? There are countries that would give their lives and would be happy to be able to get crappy service! NOT! Another example of a monopoly...

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