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Doña Ana County DA race gets ugly as allegations fly

Doña Ana County DA race gets ugly as allegations fly
Friday, November 2, 2012 - 9:20pm

It all started with mailers sent out by each camp. Amy Orlando, the current District Attorney's mailer says Mark D'Antonio, her opponent, has no backbone and makes his living keeping criminals out of jail.

"Sleazy defense lawyer, they discount 25 my years in law enforcement,” said Mark D'Antonio, currenly running against Amy Orlando.

Orlando says he's just not qualified for the job.

"In court he asked me personally, help me with this case because I don't understand the law. That's a scary place to be in," said Orlando.

Mark D'Antonio followed with his own mailer, claiming the District Attorney gave her pal and employee a steep raise.

"She gave her best friend a 62 % raise increase that people didn't know and that's an extraordinary amount considering that the other employees were on mandatory furloughs and weren't getting paid," said D'Antonio.

Orlando says she gave him a raise at the same time those other employees were taken off furlough. But to take it further, a group of law enforcement agencies sent a cease and desist letter to D'Antonio, claiming his mailer outed an undercover law enforcement officer saying "should you persist in this activity we will proceed accordingly."

D'Antonio says he takes that as a threat.

"She was so angry by the letter I wrote, exposing that relationship that she attacked me through the police. I have an issue with the hierarchy of the police force that are beholdent to Mrs. Orlando threatening me and my family," said D'Antonio.

Orlando says legal remedies are a possibility and it was not a threat.

"So they asked him for his safety because he does do undercover work, to please stop and pull back any of those mailers. Anger, retaliation comes out, his family is placed in jeopardy. If you're even slightly involved with law enforcement you understand the dangers it outs on the family," said Orlando.

Each opponent says they have the experience it takes to make Doña Ana county a safer place.

Amy Orlando did confirm the employee is in fact one of her supervisors but is also still associated with the FBI. Mark D'Antonio says if the employee is undercover he should not be associating with the DA at all.

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