Controversial Sign Calls Tom Brown's View on Sexuality "A-Hole-Y"

POSTED: Friday, September 23, 2011 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 10:36am

EL PASO- We can all agree that the right to free speech is part of what makes our country great. In El Paso people are already expressing themselves about the recall vote in both colorful and controversial ways.

It might sell carpets, it might not, but the sign in front of Freeway Carpets in the lower valley calls out Pastor Tom Brown. Co-owner of Freeway Carpets, Tom Avila, put it up a few days ago.

"We speak up against discrimination, we're pro peace, anti-war and we speak about issues in our family that are important to them," says Avila.

People have noticed the sign and one of them is Pastor Tom Brown. He says the carpet store absolutely has the right to express its feelings. But he thinks the sign is as wrong as anything he's been accused of and misses the real point of the recall debate

"Hate speech goes both ways. It’s the church's right to teach morality, and it’s important that statements like this don’t cross the line into hate. Is he also saying that the 39,000 El Pasoans who voted against those benefits are bigots? Is he speaking against those 39,000?” says Brown.

So far you’ve only seen half this story because you’ve only seen half the sign, the other side is even more critical of pastor brown. The store says it wants to recognize all El Pasoans.

“We like to send out a message of tolerance. This city, I believe, is big enough to be tolerant towards not just ethnicity, gender, but also a lifestyle"

So we asked Pastor Brown, “Are you a homophobe?”

“Absolutely not. We have a great ministry to ex-gays and even those struggling with same sex attraction. People come to my church because they know I'm not afraid of them. I don’t hate them. I don’t hate homosexuals any more than I hate adulterers, or fornicators, or thieves. I am called though to bring everyone to repentance,” says Brown.

It’s the story of two Toms. They share a first name and apparently not much else, except their freedom of speech


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You don't have to be gay to feel the pain
"Among those also losing their benefits, [Mr. Cook] said, were foster children, retirees and disabled relatives cared for by city employees." from In El Paso, a Strom Over Benefits for Gay Partners

I agree with Steven's comment (listed above):
"Hey Mr. Avila(owner of Freeway Carpets), what if my lifestyle is having sex with animals? What if my lifestyle was robbing carpet stores? Are you still going to be tolerant? Pedophiles also have a lifestyle. Are you tolerant of pedophiles too? Where do you draw the line, Mr. Avila?"

The Bible lists the following as abominations: sins of men, cheating, lost souls, wickedness, sowers of discord, some same sex acts, re-marriage of former companions, adultery, prayers of the rebel, an disobedient man, a false witness that speaks lies, wearing clothes of the opposite sex, eating shellfish, etc. We're all abominations.

Steven's ad hominem attack comparing gay people to animal-sexers and pedophiles is both ludicrous and contemptible. That you agree with him is despicable.

The Bible mentions homosexual acts 12 times (In comparison, the sin of hatred is mentioned 21 times, lying and false testimony 30, greed, avarice and covetousness 40, theft 42, adultery 52, murder 57, self-righteousness 79, and idolatry 169 times.)

Premarital sex and a woman not a being a virgin on her wedding night are also sins.

If people have trouble with one sin they must have trouble with all the sins.

And don't forget that God said that judging people is his job alone.

"Of course I'm not a homophobe! I love gay people when they are no longer gay!"

That is so wrong, he isn't called to bring anyone to repent.

What he is doing is called Heavy shepherding, this occurs when a Pastor carries out their leadership duties in a controlling, dominating or manipulative manner.

He is acting like a mediator when he shouldn't.

1 Tim 2:5 states that, "there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus."

Be very careful of anyone who tells you that you need them to reach God.

Dear Olivia Arenas, I don't do Facebook so I'll reply to your comment here.
You say no one has the right to tell anybody how to live their lives.
So as in my previous comment, you believe it is alright to have sex with animals and children and no one has a right to tell you how to live.
If your lifestyle is stealing, raping, killing, drug dealing, that's OK too?
I'll bet there are a lot of criminals that would appreciate your point of view.

Hey Mr. Avila, what if my lifestyle is having sex with animals? What if my lifestyle was robbing carpet stores? Are you still going to be tolerant?

Pedophiles also have a lifestyle. Are you tolerant of pedophiles too?

Where do you draw the line, Mr. Avila?

When it hurts other people you dolt. NEXT!

My poor uneducated Volt2419 All this immorality IS going to hurt people, you dolt. Obviously you aren't well versed in history. One of the leading causes of the fall of the Roman Empire was immorality. The Roman philosopher, Seneca, tried to warn his countrymen about this. But they just laughed. I don't suppose they are laughing now. NEXT.

Thanks for the history lesson Steven. I'm assuming that you'd lump The Gays into the immoral group, no? I'd like to direct you to my comment above, listing the many types of abominations that are mentioned in the Bible. If you look at the entire list, and are honest with yourself, you'll see that we are all abominations in the eyes of the Lord. It is not our place to cast judgment upon others. Nor should we deceive ourselves into believing that we are loved more by God than anyone else.

i still dont understand why gay people can not be accepted already!..we are all human beings,and we all deserve to be loved and respected no matter what!!

I vote for the separation of church and state. If you want to live where a religious group tells you what is right/wrong then you are in the wrong country.

I suppose this carpetshop owner has the money to post his voice w/his opinion board. I support this but on that voting day, so did the people. The people of El Paso Texas voted against this proposal and dont they have the right to speak up if they were disrespected with null and void trashing of their voice. We dont have a podium nor a sign like freeway Carpets but we HAD a stronger sign with our vote.
If you truely speak for the people then post on your billboard Cook stole our voice.

Grouping gay people with adulterers and thieves is exactly what makes Tom Brown a homophobe. And guess what Tom, there are a lot of El Pasoans who think you're an A-hole!

A-hole, nice! This must be the tolerance everybody is talking about

Cook, Byrd, & Ortega are no better than a bad police officer who violates peoples' rights because "he thought it was the right thing to do". I don't hate gays. I WILL VOTE TO GET RID OF THESE THREE UN-AMERICANS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY VIOLATED OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. The Recall serves one main purpose: it returns power to the people and gets rid of politicians who preach democracy but don't practice it. Gays should hire attrys to get rid of ordinance & keep City Council and El Pasoans out of it.

In reporting on this highly emotional issue, why did you find it necessary to include a photograph of two women kissing [twice]? It was inflammatory, unnecessary, and unprofessional. Next time, just stick to the facts.


what exactly is pastor tom thinking when he says ex-gays. I will tell you, an ex-gay is a person who is filled with so much hate, fear, and self loathing because he/she cannot accept who they are and what they feel. People like pastor brown take advantage of this and fill their heads with quotes from the bible which he knows inside out and utilizes it as a tool to exalt himself. Remeber pastor brown, Gods laws are the 10 Commandments. Try living by them.

I would like someone to tell me why this brown guy thinks it is his right and duty to to blame certain people for doing there job. When he is certainly not doing his job which is to help people with life. I thought all men were created in Gods image and were all part of God. Then why are gays and other human beings not allowed to enjoy the health benefits and rights of all other people? Because of confusing wording on a ballot. This recall should never happen and Brown should be ashamed.

one sided news. Nothing new... 0 PROFESSIONAL

Sorry but I don't see how he can Preach TOLERANCE, on one hand.. and then post signs like this... That makes NO sense in my mind.

I don't believe the sign is mean to preach TOLERANCE. It's meant to draw attention to the fact that this pastor is a homophobe. I find it both interesting and disturbing that an alleged "man of god" to spend so much time and energy on something like opposing that rights of gay people when there are so many people in need who could use his help. His actions are shameful and I applaud the billboard!

To be tolerant of someone's opinions doesn't mean we have to agree with every repugnant position that they hold. The Bible says that the following are Abominations: unclean things, sins of men, lying tongue, cheating, a proud look, some same sex acts, wickedness, cheating others, a froward (stubborn) man, the proud of heart, prayers of the rebel, wearing clothes of the opposite sex, and on. Brown et al attack gay people but exempt themselves from similar condemnation. We are all ABOMINATIONS!

That sign shows how ignorant some people can be...and anyone who is anti-war how do you think your free? Without war you would not be free!!!!! Oh wait its only wars you believe in right? So crazy how some of you think...and this sign shows just how much they don't know do they even know the real storey.....I think not I know where to never shop

I agree with Volt. Your statement made no sense.

There was not a shred of logic in your paragraph, Selena.

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