CBP Arrests U.S. Woman Hiding 80 lbs. of Cocaine

POSTED: Friday, June 24, 2011 - 4:37pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 24, 2011 - 12:01pm

EL PASO -U.S.  Customs and Border Protection officers have arrested an American woman hiding nearly 80 pounds of cocaine in her car.

The seizure was made at the Ysleta international crossing when 32-year-old Brenda Molina Sanchez arrived from Mexico.

As the woman waited in line, a drug sniffing dog, Shake, alerted to the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, CBP officers found 79.64 pounds of cocaine hidden in the floor area of the car.

Sanchez was turned over to  special agents after the case was accepted for federal prosecution and booked into the El Paso County jail. She remains in custody and is being held without bond.

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I advice women, when are involved with narcos in a relationship, and they are used. Think twice the damage to themselves, their families and society to do this things for some dollars, after all are alone, and kids abandoned.

Smuggling Illegal Drugs is a crime, Being in this country is Illegal, what is it about this concept some people are having a problem with it? and to throw in the racism commet!! what a bunch of idiots we have out there fez up to the fact that some things are legal, and some are illegal. Not too hard a concept to understand.

its to bad that at only 32 years old this lady
gets caught with all this 80 pounds of cocaine,
now if they send her to prison who wonders how
old she will be then, she wasted her young years
the wrong way if she gets a long prison term and
for just to have maybe died doing cocaine.

There is a difference here in case you haven't noticed. Illegals plus drugs equals two wrongs.

American plus drugs equals stupidity.

Never the less they both get jail time. One gets thrown back to (Mexico) where they belong. The other gets to stay here because they're citizens.

No one ever said every American was a smart American. It's not racism it's just the Law. Why can you pro illegal immigrant understand this basic concept. Duuhhh!

This is so wrong.. like we don't have enough drug problems already.. But what's worse is that when they catch illegal immigrants, right away people start commenting about how they should throw them back into their country and how they shouldn't be here and so on and so forth... But why is it that when an American person, like this female above, gets arrested, no one says anything? No matter where you're from, it's wrong. But I don't hear anyone saying anything about this one. So much racism!

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