Cartel-Related Extortion in El Paso?

POSTED: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 5:26pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 2:41pm

EL PASO - Since the drug war in Mexico started several years ago, not only have thousands been killed, but businesses facing extortion from the cartels have become a staple in Juarez.
While police in El Paso say that violence hasn't spilled over into El Paso, evidence surfaced Tuesday, that the threats may have.

Police were called to Las Barritas Sports Bar off of Montwood Drive.
About a dozen broken windows covered the front of the business before they were covered up with posters.
Workers at surrounding businesses said what's more disturbing was the message spray-painted on the sidewalk directly in front of the doors.
It said, "Paguen lo que deben - La Linea," which is Spanish for "pay what you owe."
La Linea is another name for the Juarez Drug Cartel.
They're responsible for countless shakedowns in Juarez.

Despite the message, police said they're treating the incident as a case of criminal mischief, not cartel-related extortion.
Police did say, however, they will continue to investigate.

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Criminal mischief or extortion?
Hate crime or assault?

There have been several calls of extortion, but as aroland stated its how eppd will write it up. The business one lee trevino was in fact connected to the cartel. Whether Angel had his own business burned or others did it who knows. EPPD hides many things in this town, to include incidents amongst themselves.

Criminal mischief VS Juarez Drug Cartel? Sounds the same to me, nothing 1st armored division cannot handle, Major General Dana Pittard we salute you!

As a member of the US Armed Forces who grew up in Juarez, I can tell that you are, indeed dilutional. Our troops are NOT accustomed to the level of violence used by the drug cartels in Mexico. To commit soldiers to resolve this conflict would be unsuitable. The US Armed Forces would be better utilized to help protect our borders. I have a great of respect for 1st AD, but let's face it, it could not handle this situation using our "nation-building " tactics and doctrine.

DUH This has been going on since the outbreak in J-town!!! El Paso PD has always done creative writing on incedents. What happened when two clubs burned down on Lee Trevino a bit back? oh yeah that was criminal mischief also. Wake up El Paso! The PD is under staffed, the blues are over worked over micro managed and overly politicalized!

DUH!!!!!! this comes as a suprise? Of course the Payaso PD will say this is a criminal mischief, why in the world would they say otherwise? Open up your eyes El Paso, spillover has happened, get used to it.

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