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Caribbean Hot Dog Stand Brings Island Flavor To The Sun City

POSTED: Monday, August 29, 2011 - 10:30am

UPDATED: Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 10:18pm

EL PASO- A hot dog stand in east El Paso is attracting quite the lunch crowd. Its owners say it's the only one of its kind in El Paso, because of its Caribbean taste.

No it's not a mirage you're seeing in east El Paso. On the corner of Joe Battle and Pellicano there’s Caribbean Hot Dogs, prepared Puerto Rican style.

"God put it in my heart to do this hot dog cart. I was trying to do something different here in El Paso," says Alexander Rosario.

Alexander and his wife, who are from Puerto Rico, opened the hot dog stand this past week. Sabor de mi Tierra, that's the slogan for Caribbean Hot Dogs, “home flavor”. Most of their customers are Puerto Rican, but Alex says people driving by have stopped by to give it a try.

“It's pretty good. People like it so far and they come back,” says Alex.

Caribbean Hot Dogs has two choices, a plain hot dog which you can load up with whatever you want, and the signature "loaded hot dog". It is packed with flavor with five layers of toppings along with ketchup and mustard.

"We cook the chili meat a certain way, with a certain flavor, a different flavor," says Alexander.

The second topping added, sauerkraut. Next comes onion.

"We cook the onions criolla (homemade) style," says Alex. "We put cheese and we put ketchup, mustard and potato sticks on top."

And if you like to kick it up a notch, "We also decided to add some jalapenos for the taste."

"What makes it special is the toppings, the sweet onions, the tomato sauce, the potato sticks makes a difference," says Jenny, Alex’s wife.

If you want to feel like a Boriqua, this hot dog stand will take you to Puerto Rico. Customers say they feel like they're at the Isla del Encanto, the island of enchantment. Buen provecho!!! Guepa!!!!

Alexander says the flavor brings back happy memories for his Puerto Rican customers, "Oh this feels like home. This is like this place. They just stay here for a while. They feel like they're home. All we need is the beach.”

But he says Puerto Rican or not, it's a cheap way to grab a quick lunch and go or stop by and enjoy the flavorful atmosphere.

Caribbean Hot Dogs is located on the east corner of Joe Battle and Pellicano. A loaded hot dog and soda costs $3.50, two loaded hot dogs and a soda cost $5.50.

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WOW!!!I'm so excited. Went looking for it the next day, as soon as I saw it on the news. Was looking on Pelicano and Zaragosa. OOOPS!!! Will definetly go again. I miss our P.R. food. Good luck. Hope it works out. Make us look good.

I can't wait to try Carribbean HotDogs. I worked with Alex a couple years ago and he introduce me to Puerto Rican Food. Both him and his wife are excellent cooks and wonderful people. I'll be out there soon...

It is just what we needed to get the flavor of the Island here in El Paso! They taste great, are affordable... and best of all, they are prepared with lots of love... so... try them. Thanks to News Channel 9 for the article... we hope people from our new home (El Paso) enjoy them as we PuertoRicans do.

Wish I was in El Paso we don't have puetorican hotdogs in Jacksonville Florida!! Can't wait to be there in October to hopefully have a loaded hotdog!!! Miss my beautiful island and its food!

Wow!!! I feel that I want to take an airplane, travel to El Paso and grab a couple of Caribbean "awesome" dogs!!!! :-P

We have tried the hotdogs already and they are very good! I recomend people to try it and get a little taste of what we serve in the caribbean!

The Article about the Caribbean HotDogs was great, well explained and presented. The reporter and camera man did an excellent job, thank you!

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