Canadian School Offers Alternative To Private School Students From Juarez

POSTED: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 6:18pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 6:33pm

A woman has an alternative for parents who live in Juarez and send their kids to school in the U.S. because of the violence there. She says a private boarding school in Canada could be just what some are looking for.

Because of the violence in Juarez, many students are coming over to El Paso for an education. And Marie Moore thinks a private school in Canada might be an option. Academie Ste. Cecile International School is located in Windsor right across from Detroit.

"There are some issues, especially right now that kids shouldn't really have to worry about every day when they're trying to do their stories," said Moore.

Moore, who moved to El Paso six years ago, used to teach at Ste. Cecile. During one of her visits to see her family in Canada, Moore says she thought about Ste. Cecile being an option for families in Juarez, who are looking for a private school for their kids.

"There are still some people in Juarez and there are people in Chihuahua and other sections in Northern Mexico who just for whatever reason, cannot move everybody to El Paso," said Moore.

And she says some parents in Juarez are having a hard time finding a private schools for their children in El Paso.  "We have great schools here but they're overcrowded, especially the good ones," she said.

Those students who cannot get into a private school in El Paso wind up going to public school. "By coming over in large quantities, they're putting a stress on the public school system," said Moore.

So far, Marie says she's working with seven families processing the paperwork necessary to get their kids enrolled.

"The school isn't for everyone. There's a hefty tuition fee, however, if they can afford the tuition fee they can provide a safe haven as well as all the academic classes," said Moore.

The cost of tuition and boarding comes out to $50,000.  For more information, visit



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oh yea im sure this hispanics would "love" to move to canada. When I read this article I couldnt believe my eyes. Canada? really? Cmon lasdy think a little

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