Business Owner Reacts to Horizon Fire

Monday, June 20, 2011 - 5:46pm

EL PASO- “It started this side of the property,” says Raul Arias, business owner.

A metal fence is all that separates Raul Arias' business from the lot where the fire began...

Flames as tall as 60 feet engulfed businesses and homes the Horizon Fire Department says they could have extinguished the fire faster if the area had running water, but Arias says that’s been a problem for years.

“They ran a water line here up to the new houses that were built and it runs right through this street and they couldn't divert any water to us,” says Arias.

Mr. Arias lost over $50,000 worth of pallets and new material along with vehicles and machinery and now his biggest concern is if they'll ever be running water in this area so that this doesn't ever happen again.

“People running for office come in and try and get our votes by telling us that they can get us water and at the end nothing happens,” says Arias.

People burning trash started the fire. That’s not legal in El Paso County right now because of the drought.

“It's common sense we work with wood and saw dust. Everything is flammable here,” says Arias.

Now, with himself and many neighbors at a loss, Arias wants something to be done to keep this community safe.

“I wish that had come through just some responsibility or any kind of help. If we could get some kind of training because that fire obviously started as something small and it escalated to the whole block,” says Arias.

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