Brown Files Motion to Dismiss Mayor Cook's Lawsuit

POSTED: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 5:29pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 3:29pm

EL PASO- The battle between Pastor Tom Brown, his supporters, and Mayor John Cook continues.

Brown and his defense team filed a motion to dismiss Mayor Cook's lawsuit, which says he gathered recall petition signatures illegally at churches.

It was denied just minutes ago. His lawyers say it’s because a new law in Texas protects people's freedom of speech from meritless lawsuits.

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Commie Cook, local newspapers, gays (aka: sads), & TV stations have said it is a partner benefits issue. All of them are hiding behind this theme because there is no Democratic reason to throw out 40,000+ legal votes. Gays and people that don't want to pay for their health insurance are pretending to be victims because El Pasoans, who work hard to pay their taxes, don't want to use their tax money for that purpose. No, I don't hate "sads" and freeloaders - just stay out of my wallet.

Diversity and tolerance do not mean disrespecting the taxpayer and their vote (40,000+ votes). Why do you want to bully the taxpayer into accepting your way of life? Why be angry if the taxpayers don't want their hard earned money for that cause. Why do you want to bully the taxpayer into accepting your way of life? No I don't hate gays (aka: sads). Commie dictator Cook should resign and stop causing problems for El Pasoans taxpayers.

Dictator Cook, who does adhere to the principles of democracy, has caused the major stink for El Pasoans concerning his poor decision to throw out 40,000+ legal votes. This process of tyranny is being extended by Commie Cook by not resigning his post as mayor. The voters spoke, with authority, saying no taxpayer monies for health benefits to unmarried and same-sex partners. Now, I don’t see any hatred or intolerance in telling people no, you can’t use taxpayer money for that cause.

right to petition...freedom of speech, freedom of religion...freedom of the press...right to bear arms. LAME -DUCK council voted for this.....

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