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AZ Immigration Law Protest in Las Cruces

POSTED: Friday, May 14, 2010 - 9:36am

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - 9:53am

LAS CRUCES -- The Borderland is getting a fresh reminder that the controversy over that Arizona immigration law is not over.  The so-called freedom bus is rolled into Las Cruces this morning.  It arrived around 8:00 o'clock at Klein park at the corner of Mesquite and Griggs.  The freedom bus stopped in El Paso last night.  It left Dallas yesterday en route to Phoenix to protest the law.  LULAC and other anti-Arizona organizations say the measure effectively legalizes racial profiling.

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Since were being so picky here, you dont start a sentence with the word AND, but i digress.

LULAC and LA raza are not racist organizations. Nor have either of these organizations officially stated they sponsor making part of this country mexican territory. Unfortunately, it would really be redundant since I see mexican cars on El paso roads everyday. Futhermore these moronic organizations should be much more insensed with the new law governor "Cruella" Brewer just passed.

Banning ethnic studies is deplorable. Even the U.N. has come out and made a statement against this law. I support Arizonas new immigration law but outlawing certain CLASSES seems awfully tyrannical and very scary. History is not simply anglo saxon history. It also shines a light on the governors true agenda. I supported the immigration law but the banning of certain ethnic studies courses simply taints the new immigration law and shows that her true agenda might be based in a racist core.

Just keep your nose out of our business............

Is it not interesting that the real racist organizations (LULAC and La Raza) that want to take part of the US and make it Mexican again, are coming to Arizona (helping the economy here by staying in hotels and buying food)are the first ones to call Arizona law as racist? Are not these organizations racial profiling themselves by their mere names? And Kai, Phoenix is worthy of being spelled with a capital letter.

actually they are staying at an Indian Reservation will not be making any purchases and fueled up in Las Cruces with plenty of fuel and food.

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