Anti-"Occupiers" Plan Counter-Protest in NYC

POSTED: Monday, November 14, 2011 - 12:53pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 4:23pm

NEW YORK CITY- Downtown residents and business owners are organizing a protest of the protest after two months of Lower Manhattan being occupied by the Wall Street demonstration.

Angry over all-day drumming, people urinating and defecating on the streets and verbal attacks from protesters, organizers say they will rally at City Hall Monday to send officials a message.

"Mayor Bloomberg is helping them stay," read the fliers posted downtown.

The protest began with a few people on Sept. 17 and has grown to hundreds who have made Zuccotti Park, a small plaza along Broadway, their home.

Businesses have complained for weeks that the encampment is causing them to lose money, although a few have made money off the protests, as donors from all over the country have sent food from nearby restaurants to the movement.

Han Shan, a member of Occupy Wall Street's community relations working group, said he and others in the encampment are trying to be better downtown neighbors.

The group recently worked out daytime drumming hours with the local community board, and secured some portable toilets for protesters to use.

But, he told the New York Times, “At the end of the day, it’s an occupation. We didn’t ask permission to be there and we don’t want to. It’s about bigger, broader issues.”

Bloomberg has gone back and forth between criticizing Occupy Wall Street and defending it, saying recently that protesters were largely law-abiding and did not bother anyone.

"If you go one block away from this park, you would never know it exists," he said last week. "It's just literally -- in any direction, one block away -- there's just nothing."

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Enough if these "anarchists without a cause" costing tax payers millions to baby-sit their violent, nastiness. This is not "peaceable assembly" by any means and the media needs to call out the hundreds of crimes and disgusting acts for what they are. The level of hypocrisy by the left and democrats is incredible and absurd. Liberals need a reality pill to counter act the socialist koolaid they've been drinking. Synonym for Occupiers -useful idiots.

All the while the people that are in the !% status of financial capital will be waiving that carrot on a stick in front of your face and your gonna keep chasing it like a good little dog. Heres an example how our economy works for education.

Why go to college? so you can get a degree
Why get a degree? so you can get a good job
Why get a good job? so you can pay off your school loans

Must be nice to live in your dilusional world.

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