Local Photographer Starts Campaign In Response to AZ Law

POSTED: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 3:08pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 13, 2010 - 9:05am

El Paso - It's called the Boycott Hate Campaign and people are lining up to be a part of it at the Haus of Photography in East El Paso.

Studio owner and photographer David Quintanilla says he came up with the campaign in response to the controversial Arizona immigration law.

Quintanilla's photographs depict each subject bound with a pair of pink handcuffs, wearing a white shirt, with the words “boycott hate” written across their arms.

Quintanilla is offering to take the photographs at no charge, as long as the subject agrees to post it on a social networking site like facebook, myspace or any other place where it will be seen.

You can watch the full report tonight on NewsChannel 9 at 10.

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Wow this is amazing, it looks very similar to the NOH8 Campaign http://www.noh8campaign.com/

How Original.

another act to make EL Paso look stupid.Mexican law is harder on people then the US.I dont see people trying to get outof the US.Why dont you put up your address so we can boycott you.

get a life!

Sorry,you're right! He should change the name... I guess since he is hispanic, he should also wear a big straw hat, drink beer, play in a mariachi, and eat beans right? You just proved that racial profiling can happen, that it happens without even thinking about it. Just imagine what it will do when you have authoritative power to back it up. "Gracias" Martha

Mr. Quintanilla, all you are doing is spreading propaganda that the U.S. is evil and yet there is still no justice for citizens of mexico. Child labor laws, fair-housing, minimum wage, and standard medical care for all. You should show support for citizens of mexico and not about one states law. Show these people the true problems through media photography. Their country has failed them and yet they can mass protest another countries law and not protest wrong doings of their own.

fhero: Americans fought for all these things to exist in the U.S., We have tried for many years, through Amnesty International to help other countries that face these problems, but its up to the citizens of their own countries to work for these things, work on the legislation. If you are a citizen of Mexico, then YOU should be working to make Mexico a better place. In the meantime, American citizens are going to continue to make the U.S.A. a better place to live and fight one state's laws.

As a matter of fact, I dont think anywhere in this video does it say anything about the U.S. being EVIL. Please dont be ridiculous!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Im not against this Arizona law, but I am a conscious person and I know what freedom of speech is. Like he said, if you were paying attention, this is not anti-Arizona or anti- immigration laws! I believe that Mr. Quintanilla is doing something for the community and he is getting people to voice their opinions.

Boycott hate? Is it hateful to want to secure your borders and make sure you and your fellow citizens are safe? Is it hateful to want to make sure federal laws are enforced?

Also Mr. Quintanilla why the hell is your studio called Haus of photography? If your so in touch with the hispanic community why not call your studio CASA de photography? Why use the german word for house?

Once again, if YOU were LISTENING he said he is not anit-immigration laws. First of all, since you seem to be sooo into these laws, Boycott Hate is about hate. Hate exists in everyone. I bet even you look at a african american or a person of a different color differently than you look at your own. You might want to take a look at the video again. Theres people of every race taking those photos. What you are writing in these posts is called IGNORANCE.

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