Local Boot-maker Calls El Paso "Boot-making Capital of U.S."

POSTED: Monday, March 19, 2012 - 5:32pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 19, 2012 - 5:32pm

     A recent article in the "Houston Chronicle" named El Paso as the boot-making capital of Texas.

     However... one local boot maker... who outfits the stars... considers the Sun City the boot-making capital of the entire nation.

     As she describes her customers... Boot Maker Nevena Christi agrees with the infamous line from the movie "Forrest Gump"... she says you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.

     "They're really fun people. They're people you'd want to hang out with. They're totally nutty. They are not embarrassed about...they want to wear wild things and do wild things and have a lot of fun. It's someone who wants something special. They want a keepsake. They want something that is just going to rock their socks," explained Christi.

     Christi... who worked for New York Fashion Designer Nicole Miller... moved to the Sun City "on the heels" of falling in love with the owner of El Paso's "Rocketbuster Boots."

     The pair became inseparable after Christi commissioned the company to collaborate on some outrageous boots for a runway show.
     Christi eventually stepped into her better-half's shoes... as she now runs "Rocketbuster"... designing "out of this world" boots for some pretty famous feet.

     "You never know who's going to call over here. We've done boots for Sharon Stone, we've done boots for Steven Spielberg, Kate Kapshaw, Dwight Yoakum. We've had Ethan Hawke just be sitting, waiting for me when I walked in one day which was kind of surprising," said Christi.

     Christi says the goal of achieving superior quality keeps her on her toes... as "Rocketbuster" uses the finest materials to handmake these custom designs boots which have "soul."

"I'd say they were not PC, but might have involved a little nudity. But there's also been some really neat...like the mermaid was amazing and the husband...they got boots for their wedding. The husband did a map of his life and that was one of the hardest, but one of the most gratifying because it just absolutely came out wonderful," said Christi.

Boots made for walkin'... and talkin'...

"I'm just glad the people that wear them feel good. I have one customer who's an opera diva and she always looks amazing and it's just part of her persona and people now look at her and they're like let me see what boots you're wearing...so that's cool," said Christi.

Christi says "Rocketbuster" contributes to the Sun City's rich history in cowboy boots... and El Pasoans should "walk tall" knowing this fact.

"We have Lucchese, Tony Lama. You've got Trace Outlaws, Stallion, Rocketbuster. You've got all the history of cowboy boots in El Paso and it's been here for years and years and years. I would like it if every person you ran into in the airport when you said I'm from El Paso said, 'The boot town? How cool is that?'"

A pair of "Rocketbuster" boots... which takes about three months to complete... can cost up to 5-thousand dollars.
The store is located in downtown El Paso at 115 South Anthony St.


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