Military News

Thousands of veterans could lose pensions under new budget deal

Congress passed a two year budget deal Wednesday that would avoid another government shutdown and automatic spending cuts.

Retirement goes to the dogs

The voices of children call across the yards near the end of a cul-de-sac neighborhood, a 5-year-old boy holds a flag to start the battery operated car race.

Budget deal could impact Military Benefits

The Senate is expected to pass a two-year compromise budget deal today. It eases some spending cuts, but it also adds some—including a reduction to military benefits. And that’s causing major controversy.

NMSU ranked as a top military university

Military Advanced Education and G.I. Jobs have listed New Mexico State University as a top military-friendly school for 2014.

Thousands of Army officers to face boards for early separation

Nearly 19,000 active-duty captains and majors in the Army Competitive Category will go before either an Officer Separation Board or Enhanced Selective Early Retirement Board early next year.

Face, hand transplants soon options for injured Soldiers?

Army researchers are developing advanced treatment options, including face and hand transplants, for severely injured service members.

Reserve chief: Communications key to successful employer relations

"We've had some challenges with employers, and most of that could improve with better communications," said the chief of the Army Reserve and commander of the Army Reserve Command.

New first aid kit includes eye protection, strap cutter

The Army is now issuing to Soldiers the more robust, more streamlined "Individual First Aid Kit II" as replacement for the older kit which was built inside an ammunition pouch for a Squad Automatic Weapon.

Holiday Greetings: Sr. Airman Tony Coronado

Air Force Senior Airman Tony Coronado sends a greeting from Korea to his family in El Paso for Holiday Season 2013.  

Holiday Greetings: Staff Sgt. Danielle Fonseca

Air Force Staff Sgt. Danielle Fonseca sends a greeting from Afghanistan to her family in Texas for Holiday Season 2013. 

Holiday cards bring love, piece of home to deployed service members

Far from home and stationed in a remote outpost in Iraq over Christmas, Sgt. Jonathan Thibault remembered the comfort of receiving cards from schoolchildren and other members of the public during the holidays.

Happy Holidays: Chief Warrant Officer Matilda Cavalier

Chief Warrant Officer Matilda Cavalier sends a greeting to El Paso, Texas from Kandahar for Holiday Season 2013.

Holiday Greetings: Chief Warrant Officer Cedric Durden

Chief Warrant Officer Cedric Durden sends a greeting to El Paso, Texas from Kandahar for Holiday Season 2013.

Apache 'Guardian' wins praise from pilots

The newest model of the Apache helicopter, the AH-64E Apache Guardian, was delivered to Soldiers in January.

Army's Ultra Light Vehicle now in survivability testing

Two of the three vehicles in the Army's "Ultra Light Vehicle" program have now entered survivability testing in Nevada and Maryland, to evaluate both their blast and ballistic protection capability.