Military News

Holiday Greetings: Staff Sgt. Vido Bryant

Staff Sergeant Vido Bryant stationed in Afghanistan wants to let his family Rachel, Yasmin, Destiny and Evangeline know he misses them and he'll be home soon.

Holiday Greetings: Chief Warrant Officer William Bush

Chief Warrant Officer William Bush, stationed in Afghanistan wishing his wife Katrice and family back in El Paso Happy Holidays!

Congress recognizes American Indian code talkers for wartime service

American Indian code talkers from 566 tribes were honored with Congressional Silver Medals at the Capitol, Nov. 20.

Army names 2013 Soldier, NCO of year

The Department of the Army Best Warrior Competition concluded Friday, at Fort Lee, with the announcement of the top Soldiers and Non-commissioned Officers.

Administrative leave authorized for Soldiers seeking same-sex marriages

As of a Nov. 7, Army directive, Soldiers seeking same-sex marriages are entitled, in some cases, to an amount of administrative leave in order to travel to a location where such marriages are legal.

DoD seeks plan to shut all U.S. commissaries

Defense officials have reportedly asked the Defense Commissary Agency to develop a plan to close all U.S.

Army Secretary notes Wounded Warrior progress, challenges

Army Secretary John M. McHugh acknowledged the depth and breadth of wounded warrior issues during a panel discussion at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, Calif., Nov. 16.

Troops to send satellite radio Christmas, Thanksgiving messages

The Joint Hometown News Service, part of the Defense Media Activity, is partnering this year with SiriusXM Radio to enable service members worldwide to send holiday greetings to loved ones back home.

Women to graduate from Marine Corps infantry training course for first time

- This year, for the first time in the history of the Marine Corps, the graduation class at its infantry training course will include women.

TSA expanding pre-check for military

Members of the military will have it a little easier at most airports by the end of the year. Service members that go through airport security will be able to leave their shoes, belt and jacket on, and laptops in bags.

Mail early to ensure packages reach loved ones over holidays

With the holidays coming up fast, now is the time to consider mailing early, especially to loved ones overseas, said Peter Graeve, a retired Soldier who is now with the Military Postal Service Agency.

4 Marines killed at Camp Pendleton during range maintenance operation

Four Marines were killed Wednesday during a range maintenance operation at Camp Pendleton in California, the military said.

Vietnam Army Nurse Corps veteran honors women who served

Veterans Day is a time to honor those who served and remember the sacrifice and courage of those who gave so much for the nation.

Odierno: Sequestration would make even 1 major operation difficult

Unless Congress acts to counter the effects of sequestration, the Army will be hard-pressed to complete its mission, said the service's senior officer.

Duck Dynasty auctions 1 millionth 2013 duck call for Wounded Warrior charity

Members of the popular A&E Duck Dynasty show are auctioning off their 1 millionth Duck Commander Duck Call of 2013 for a good cause.