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Fort Bliss civilian employee talks furlough and personal cutbacks

Virginia Reza, Garrison Public Affairs Dear Furloughed employees, Like you, I recently received a letter notifying me 20 percent of my pay will be forcibly taken during the next three months.

Effort grows to house homeless veterans

While getting veterans off the streets is important, the VA is also working on ways to identify veterans who may find themselves in that position in the near future.

Marley and Me … and a jar full of explosives

Seasoned Soldiers are well aware of the term additional duty. Along with the role of infantryman, Soldiers are accustomed to being everything from computer technicians to waste specialists. For Spc.

Shoulder-to-shoulder Soldiers work together for Afghans, themselves

Southern Afghanistan in June is no stranger to temperatures rising well above triple digits. Despite the overbearing sun, Soldiers persevere, continuing day after day, until the mission is complete.

Putting new boots on the ground

What it all comes down to is keeping Soldiers' minds on their missions in Afghanistan, rather than on their feet.

Army considers civilian victim advocates

The Army is considering doing away with uniformed victim advocates and hiring civilians in their place, said the general in charge of the Army's personnel policy.

Army, NFL team up to focus on resiliency for Soldiers, players

The Army hosted a panel, June 13, to address building and maintaining resilient Soldiers, families, and Department of the Army Civilians.

Army must overcome 'naiveté' in addressing sexual abuse

Army leaders must overcome their "naiveté" when it comes to realizing and addressing the problem of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the ranks, said the commander of the Army's training enterprise.

Highlanders help with Ross fun day

Soldiers from 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, joined with the faculty and staff of Ross Middle School to treat the students to their second annual fun day, to help raise money for the school’s end-of-year activities, May 24

Unique training opportunity for Bliss Soldiers, spouses

“Open the gate!” “Where are they shooting from!?” “We need to gather at the next building!” “Alright folks, the scenario is over.”

Kids enjoy National Get Outdoors Day at Fort Bliss

The echoes of laughing children barreling down InterXtreme’s zip-line, water-slide and climbing wall, as well as the crackling pistols, shotguns and rifles filled the air.

Exercise Eager Lion begins in Jordan; Fort Bliss leaders to visit

Exercise Eager Lion kicked off in Jordan this week as U.S. service members began training with military forces from 19 nations.

Sergeant Major of the Army on sexual assault: Commitment to 'Army profession' required

 "We have challenges when it comes to sexual assault, because from my perspective, we're not really sure what the Army profession, character and commitment is all about," said the Army's top enlisted Soldier.

Ft. Bliss Soldier severely injured in swimming accident at Elephant Butte

A Fort Bliss Soldier has permanent brain damage after a swimming accident at Elephant Butte on May 25.  That accident led to safety officers and the commanding general of Fort Bliss sending out a swimming safety warning.

Fort Bliss Soldiers trample sexual harassment, assault

To support President Barack Obama and other Pentagon officials in their fight against sexual assault in the military, the “Rough Riders” of the 402nd Field Artillery Brigade are trampling out sexual harassment and sexual assault.