Military News

American soldier adopts puppy while in Afghanistan

Smoke Pup Barbarian was ready to get out of his crate. Being out of Afghanistan and so close to Donny Eslinger, who used to carry Smoke Pup in his pack, is a thrill for Donny's dad.

Gov. Perry signs bill developed to help active military members, spouses

On Wednesday afternoon, Texas Governor Rick Perry hosted a formal signing ceremony for SB 162-- also known as the 'Chris Kyle' bill --continuing the effort to help ease employment challenges for active duty military members and their sp

MOH recipient Staff Sgt. Carter inducted into Pentagon Hall of Heroes

Staff Sgt. Ty M. Carter, the most recent Medal of Honor recipient from Operation Enduring Freedom, was inducted into the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes, Aug. 27, just a day after he received the nation's highest military honor.

Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan addresses court-martial panel with few words

After weeks of mostly silence in his defense, convicted Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan had little more to say Tuesday in the capital sentencing phase of his court-martial, telling the jury panel three short words: "The defense rests."<

Area 51 officially acknowledged, mapped in newly released documents

Area 51 has long been a topic of fascination for conspiracy theorists and paranormal enthusiasts, but newly released CIA documents officially acknowledge the site and suggest that the area served a far less remarkable purpose than many had supp

Thursday marks Kittinger's historic 'step'

Neil Armstrong might have made a "step" quote famous, but then-United States Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger Jr. made the "Highest Step in the World" famous this week more than 50 years ago.

Mission at Holloman AFB gate this weekend

Don't be alarmed if you see aircraft hovering near the main gate of Holloman Air Force Base this weekend. White Sands Missile Range will be flying a survey mission over Holloman AFB this Saturday.

Military same-sex spouse benefits could start next month

Wednesday the Pentagon is expected to announce that same-sex spouses of military members will become eligible for benefits as early as next month.

Keeping Soldiers active first prong on Performance Triad

"As an Army we must be ready and resilient," said the Army's surgeon general.

Veterans may get 1 year of retroactive benefits with 'fully developed claims'

Veterans filing an original "fully developed claim" for service-connected disability compensation may now be entitled to up to one year of retroactive disability benefits.

End of era: Bradley fighting vehicles leave Germany

Civilian and military logisticians from the 21st Theater Sustainment Command's Theater Logistics Support Center-Europe and Maintenance Activity Kaiserslautern are at Kaiserslautern Army Depot preparing M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, changes explained

Understanding the Post-9/11 GI Bill can be daunting. That's why Fort Belvoir Education Guidance Counselor, Jack Lenahan, hosted a briefing on the bill July 25 at the USO Warrior and Family Center.

Breaking barriers: 4 Soldiers set to become Army's first female Abrams tank maintainers

Four female Soldiers will make history Aug. 1, as they will become the first females in the Army to obtain the 91A M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer military occupational specialty.

Texas Guardsmen train with Australian army for Talisman Saber

Texas' 36th Infantry Division deployed approximately 150 Soldiers to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, July 14-29, to participate in the fifth Talisman Saber training exercise.