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Is your income tied to your local weather?

It's an enviable place to live, anywhere with warm beaches with sunny skies. But there may be a downside --hitting you exactly where it hurts most on your wallet.

Aggie Women Win

The New Mexico State women’s basketball team used a 14-0 run midway through the second half to break open a tight game and win its f

Animal Services captures fox with rabies that came in contact with El Paso dog

A dog in El Paso came in contact with a fox that tested positive for rabies, according to El Paso Animal Services.  Officials said the fox had bat strain rabies, which is a known strain in El Paso.

Stricter regulations will make it harder for civilians to access Fort Bliss

Stricter regulations at Fort Bliss will soon make it more difficult for civilians to get on post. Directions from the Secretary of the U.S. Army call for stricter security guidelines when accessing military installations.

Texas A&M may name building after Rick Perry


Sun City residents react to possibility of open carry of handguns

Governor elect Greg Abbott, is a supporter of open carry laws and has stated he will sign an open carry bill if one is presented to him.

Earth's Changing Magnetic Field=Very Tired Compass

Most phones have a compass. Pull it out and play with it for a moment. Most people know that a compass works by pointing in the direction of the invisible magnetic field lines that run generally North and South, from North Pole to South Pole.

Regulators Pan Study on Methane Gas in Wells

Texas regulators say they put little stock in recent research suggesting that poorly drilled gas wells are allowing methane to seep into a North Texas aquifer, and will not re-examine the high-profile contamination case.

Fire tears through elderly woman's home days before Christmas

 If not for observant neighbors, things could have been worse. 

Texas A&M may name building after Rick Perry


Bus Transportation Help for Vets

     A new program is helping to make public transportation much easier to find. Sun Metro and Project Amistad partnered up for "My Vet Ride," which is online and has a hotline too.

Sentence for Former Las Cruces Police Officer

     A former Las Cruces police detective who sexually assaulted two girls including a high school intern now knows how long he will be behind bars.

Hunt Companies announces new CEO, transition in leadership

Hunt Companies, Inc., announced the appointment of Chris Hunt to Chief Executive Officer effective January 1, 2015. The company, which was founded in 1947, is a national developer, investor and manager of real assets. Since 1977, Woody L.