Las Cruces Men Launch New Internet Shopping Feature

POSTED: Wednesday, July 6, 2011 - 5:21pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 7, 2011 - 1:03pm

LAS CRUCES- A company is Las Cruces could change the way people across the country shop.  And the plans include partnering up with Yahoo.

The company has developed a technology that helps consumers by providing them with extra information. The main thing it does is let people know where they can purchase a product locally. And there are bigger and better advantages yet to come.

"There’s a big shift in where users are looking for more relevant, local information about products and information that they're reading about," says Ernest Tarango, the co-founder of "Smiles Included" in Las Cruces.  Tarango says he and his business partner came up with the idea to create a product called Ziippi when they realized there was not enough information for consumers regarding products.

“So, like this product right here, if you were at a site looking at this product, you wouldn't know necessarily locally, where to buy this. You would have to go out of their site, go to a search engine, and search for it again," pointed out lead engineer Jason LaDere.

Tarango's company is about to launch Ziippi with Yahoo and NBC Universal's parenting website I-Village in a couple of months.

Initially Ziippi an application that goes on a website will be used to provide more information for children's products.  "It provides the user with the ability to be able to find where that product can be found locally, if there's any special or offers on the product," said LaDere.

The manufacturer provides the information of where the product is being sold so everything from a mom-and- pop store to big retailers go on the database.  Ziippi would allow you to see how far a store is from your current location.

"And you should be able to bring up a map and you can look at each place. You can see the store list," said LaDere.

Tarango says one of the biggest advantages of using Ziippi is that it would save consumers time.  "So we're trying to make it so that people don't have to go out of the site. If there's with Ziippi on it, they can find out locally where it's available without ever having to go do more searches," he said.

Eventually, down the road, Tarango and Ladere plan on expanding Ziippi to cover other products and services.  And something else they're planning on doing is giving you the ability to buy the product using your computer or your smart phone.

"On the mobile it's going to have the ability on your phone, once you get that coupon, we want to try to get the ability where you can actually, either using Paypal or whatever system is available, you can purchase it right there from your phone," says Ladere.

We'll keep you posted and let you know when Ziippi hits the internet.

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