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La Union Maze

Monday, October 4, 2010 - 5:35pm

EL PASO - An a-mazing attraction where all paths lead to fall fun.

"It's become an annual pilgrimage...that's what I like to call it... for families, for teenagers and even for couples."

La Union Maze Owner Lucy Sondgeroth tells all of her customers to get lost.

"They're muddy, they're dirty, but they have this big smile on their faces."

Sondgeroth has "lent her ears" to the community for 11 years... encouraging customers to shuck their typical autumn activities for a new one.

"We probably had maybe 3,000 customers the first year. Now, in the 11th year, we'll probably see upwards of 30,000 people here."

This year... Sondgeroth has carved about two miles of maze trail into this 15-acre field... creating two lush labyrinths as a salute to our troops.  Sondgeroth hopes to harvest patriotism... and create a little corn-fusion.

"They do get lost quite a bit and we have guys stationed on the bridges and also walking around in case somebody's really desperate and they just want out."

One maze features a soldier... while the other reads "home of the free because of the brave" and showcases an eagle along with a map of the United States.  Sondgeroth says that maze can take up to an hour and a half to complete.

"It all depends on the map reading skills and your sense of direction and whether or not you're traveling alone or you get a bunch of people with you to confuse you."

La Union Maze stays open until November 9th.

Sondgeroth says she and her husband begin designing the maze in May... so they can plant by mid-June.
just a few weeks after that... they use a laser-guided tractor to cut the design into the field.

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