Campaign Trail Winding Down

POSTED: Saturday, October 30, 2010 - 4:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, October 31, 2010 - 10:28am

EL PASO - Democratic State Representative Joe Moody and his Republican Challenger Dee Margo take it to the streets to earn the support of last-minute voters.

"I'm excited. I think we're in a great position and be able to return this district to the community."

As Election Day draws near... the campaign trail has led these candidates to your front door... participating in door-knocks with their bands of supporters.  The incumbent... along with about 70 of his volunteers... participated in what his camp calls a "Moody Mega Walk" to emphasize the importance of voting.

"We're looking at some very serious decisions that have to be made in the next legislative session and I think you want someone that has El Paso's priorities at the top of the list and someone that's going to fight for this community."

While Moody runs on the platform of his experience... Margo says he would focus on creating jobs and improving the economy.

"I'm the only candidate that's made a payroll and created jobs and knows what it's like to pay property taxes."

Moody hopes to continue the work he's already started as State Rep.

"For El Paso, the issues that are extremely important include our medical school, continuing to build at UTEP towards becoming a Tier One university. In the district that I represent, which is the westside and the northeast, we've got the Franklin Mountain State Park...we're working on trying to get a visitors center out there. Also, any issue related to our vets."

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dee margie, a white republican coming from a redneck if he is the great white warrior...Remember Latinos and All people of color...the republican strategy is to divide and pit one ethnicity against the is in the republican DNA...

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