Hundreds Of Rats Found In Las Cruces Home

POSTED: Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 10:46pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 21, 2010 - 2:18pm

Hundreds of rats have been removed from a Las Cruces home.

Animal control officers have a lot more work before them with hundreds more rats still inside the home.

In this relatively quiet neighborhood in north Las Cruces, many may be surprised at what animal control officers found earlier this week, hundreds and hundreds of rats inside this home...

"Currently we have about 176, total they're estimating 200 to 300 are still back there."
"I've been doing sheltering work since 1995 and I've never been involved in a rat hoarding case."

Neighbors told us the woman renting the home had fallen down on Monday and called 911 for help.  When paramedics arrived, they saw what conditions she was living in and alerted animal control...

"It was feces and rats everywhere there were eating cardboard they had all the food it was a very bad conditions."

Vesco-Mock tells us four dogs were also found at the house.  Two of them are in good condition.  The other two may have been eaten by the rodents...

"They could have died from old age, I don't know that for sure, that is a possibility, but the bodies were totally eaten up by the rats."

Some of the rats were in bad shape reportedly from fighting each other...

"Some of them have some skin issues, I saw one last night it had it's eye out, probably from fighting because I understand they were running loose in the house."

Still, some are willing to give these rats a good home...

"What I'm gonna be looking for is a rat with a smooth coat and bright eyes b/c that's the most likely to be healthy."

"A long time ago, I mentioned in passing on some volunteer paperwork to the shelter that I do rat rescues didn't hear anything for a long time and then I get this call yesterday asking 'do you still do rescues for rats?' I say yeah, well I've got about 120 of them."

But many of them will have to be killed.

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Good work, Tania. When properly cared for, domestic rats make lovely affectionate pets. Unfortunately these pet rats have been horribly neglected.

Animal rescue people in and out of state are working to find homes for as many of these guys as possible.

Obviously their former owner also needs help. The poor woman must have been afflicted with physical and/or mental illness for some time. I hope N.M. social services can find proper long term care for her.

1st rule of RAT CLUB is you dont talk about rat club. The second rule about rat club is you dont talk about rat club. THE THIRD RULE OF RAT CLUB...IS YOU NEVER EVER TALK ABOUT...RAT CLUB!

awww. They look so peacful! NOW DEPORT THEM!

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