Vietnam Veteran Volunteers for Hospice

Thursday, June 17, 2010 - 5:16pm

Eduardo Esparza is spending his retirement a little differently than most people.

"I want to be known for something else other than being successful in what I did in my professional life," Esparza said.

Esparza is a Vietnam veteran who spends his free time providing companionship for Hospice patients like Armando Rubio, who is doing relatively well compared to most of Esparza's other visits.

Esparza said that the two talk about Mexican food and around this time of the year, they talk a lot about soccer.
Rubio says that he looks forward to every Tuesday when they meet because on some days he can feel very lonely.
"I came back to life with the medicines and the presence of everyone that has come from Hospice," Rubio said.
But, it is not only Esparza who benefits from these, Eduardo says that he's learned something very special from Rubio.

"He has a very positive outlook, Esparza said, he doesn't let anything hold him back."

Eduardo does realize that these special friendships won't last forever.

"I haven't faced it yet, but the hardest part would be the relationships you develop and then the next cycle of life takes place and they're not there," Esparza said.

For now, Rubio and Esparza will be looking forward to their weekly talks and appreciating their time together.

For more information on how to get involved with Hospice please visit or you can call the office at (915)532-5699.

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