No Pothole Left Behind

POSTED: Monday, August 30, 2010 - 5:19pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 30, 2010 - 5:24pm

HORIZON CITY - A Horizon City man gets his hands dirty in an effort to improve a road located in east El Paso County.

"I actually had a list of honey-dos and my wife was out town so I had a bunch of dirt and I figured might as well cover up the potholes."

Robert Mendez has become the "Robin Hood of Road Repair" in his down and dirty attempt to pave the way for Horizon City motorists who travel along this bumpy stretch of Darrington Road.

"This is going to be an accident waiting to happen.  I've called the City of Horizon.  They tell me that the property does not belong to belongs to the City of El Paso.  I've called El Paso also and they said the same doesn't belong to them."

The road is actually privately owned and belongs to the state... however... El Paso County is in the process of acquiring it.  In the meantime... Darrington drivers appreciate Mendez' efforts.

"I had a lady buy me a lottery ticket.  People come down and shake my hand and give me water, potato chips and just stop by and say thanks."

Fred Montoya... one of these thankful motorists... says driving on Darrington damaged his truck when he neglected to avoid one of the craters.

"I stopped by, I took it upon myself to turn back around...I had to shake his hand...I said, you know, excellent's about time.  I wish more people would come out and do exactly what he's doing."

Now that's taking the high road.

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