Success Stories

Elodia Schuster

Spokesperson for Schuster Eye Center

"I have worked in the ophthalmology field for ten years. I am very fortunate to have seen technology advance in refractive surgery to what it is today. My decision to undergo Lasik was long overdue. I was dependent on glasses for day and nighttime driving, movies, concerts, and I was unsuccessful wearing contacts. Contacts were a struggle to put on and take off. They became more of a chore than freedom! Lasik is true freedom!"

Brian Young

Professional Football Defensive End #66 - St. Louis Rams

"The surgery was painless and quick, faster than I expected! It was easier than I anticipated; it was hassle free; I was on my feet before I realized I was down!"

Hal Marcus


"Before my eye surgery with Dr. Schuster, I had trouble seeing distances without glasses. What I see provides constant inspiration for my work as an artist. Whether I am out and about, or sitting across the room evaluating one of my paintings, being able to see crisp, clear images any time, any place - without having to reach for glasses - is exciting and wonderful!

Dr. Schuster and his staff are great. They bring the best of professionalism and enthusiasm to serve their patients.

Thank you for a wonderful visual experience!!!"