West Side Salon Shows Latest Trends For Men's And Women's Styles

POSTED: Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 10:49am

UPDATED: Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 6:08pm

EL PASO- Guys if you're tired of the same haircut, the ladies at Barragans Salon and Spa can help.
They came back from a hair show in Las Vegas, which focused on the latest hair trends for men, with lots of ideas.  And ladies, of course, you're not left out.  We're going to show you the different looks they learned.

The ladies at Barragans Salon and Spa in West El Paso have their work cut out for them.

“We have five guys ready to change their look, inspired by us to be able to give them something modern,” said hair stylist Malena Sandoval.

The hair stylists attended the Paul Mitchel signature gathering in Las Vegas and this year, the men were the main focus.  “They're focusing on a new line that they're carrying. It's called Mitch,” said Malena.

The hair show introduced the latest styles and trends, blending modern, classic and retro together to create different looks.  “It's not just for the professional, you know, look where it's business like. They want to show you that you can move it around with just product and it'll be give you a totally different look,” said Malena.

While all of the guys came with an idea as to what they wanted, Christian Lugo was up for anything.  “Really didn't know what I was coming for actually. I actually depended on my stylist to give me a look,” said Christian.

As far as the hair show's latest looks for ladies, it's all about edgy and bold.  “It's not just your basic highlight anymore. It's really bold coloring,” said Malena.  “A really short inner cut with a popping weight line on top and just really exaggerate that with color.”

Also, the stylist learned a new technique to roll hair using toy dinosaurs for either a perm or temporary curls. It gives the hair different dimensions, like actual hair.  “You have the tighter neck and the tail is a little tighter, the stomach is a little wider so it actually allows it to have different dimension as it drops,” said Malena.

Toy dinosaurs aren't the only figures that you can use to achieve this hairstyle. You can also use toy soldiers and even chopsticks.The look is described as modern 70's style.

“I'd wear it to something like a party or something a little bit more fun. I mean it also seems elegant, to like a dinner,” said Angelica Ramirez, who sported the hair do.

And back to the guys, check out their new modern dos.  “I was going for the preppy, clean, streamlined look. She's done a really good job. I really like it,” said Rudy Alarcon.

“I really like it. It's something different that I’ve never really gone with, so kind of go with the flow,” said Christian.

“I was going for kinda like the spiked hair. I kind of wanted to change it up a little bit and I think this is perfect,” says Felipe Trego.

“She did exactly what I wanted. I kept the edge because I’m a musician, yet I can still throw it back when I need to wear a tie,” said Mike Garcia.

“I just wanted something new so it's definitely a big weight out of my head,” says Michael Sanchez.

And looking stylish and swanky, the guys are ready to show off their new dos.  “It's really good to see that the man isn't stuck in their era, with just a really clean cut shape. We're really proud to be able to bring that to our clients,” said Malena.

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