Group Protests Possible Change in NM Driver's License Law

POSTED: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 4:19pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 23, 2011 - 11:03am

LAS CRUCES- New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez wants to repeal the law which allows illegal immigrants to get a state driver's license. No citizenship, no license.

In response dozens of protestors showed up today outside a driver’s license office in Las Cruces
If Governor Martinez is successful in repealing this driver's license law, the protesters claim the state's economy will suffer, the roads will become dangerous, and some families will have no way to get to work, school or even to the doctor.

“We don't support what she's proposing. We're very worried in our communities,” says Claudia Diaz.

She's one of about 30 protesters who gathered in front of the DMV on West Picacho. They oppose Governor Susana Martinez’s effort to get rid of a state law that allows illegal immigrants to get New Mexico driver's licenses.

Scott Darnell, spokesperson for Martinez says it's about security because "you have people being trafficked into the state by fraud rings from around the world for the sole purpose of getting a New Mexico driver's license and leaving."

"I think it's important that we have security, but there's better ways to do it," says County Commissioner Billy Garret.

Protesters, including County Commissioner Billy Garret say repealing the law would be bad for the economy, because illegal immigrants won't be able to get to work.

"The governor seems to think people need to be out of work, sick and hungry. That's the consequence of the program that the governor is supporting," says Garret.

"The only thing that will happen is the governor repeals this law is that people will drive without licenses," says Christina Parker, of the Border Network for Human Rights.

But Governor Martinez’s administration doesn't think we'll see any of those negative effects. Darnell says 15 other states have gotten rid of similar driver's license laws.

“You haven't seen these issues in other states that have had these laws on the books," says Darnell.

It's a heated debate that lawmakers in Santa Fe will take on next month.

"We’re asking the legislature and the governor to preserve the common sense driver’s license law," says Jose Manuel Escobedo, of the Border Network for Human Rights.

The Border Network for Human Rights, the group that organized today's protest, plans to start handing out this petition. It'll be sent senators and representatives asking them not to support Governor Martinez in repealing the driver's license law.


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PART 3: NO, no, no… you are now legally on FEDERAL PROBATION. For all the laws you have taken advantage of and broke for so many years you must pay back. Just as so many Americans who get put on probation for whatever laws they break but pay State And Federal Taxes just the same, so will illegal immigrants old, new and soon to hopefully become someday. “NOT AFTER THIS LAW!” Instead will become illegals reformed and educated to uphold America’s laws and governments to be a part of what every

IN ADDITION, WITH all this just obtain a Driver’s License …. “ Because of today’s big News from New Mexico the Land of Enchantment and home to many Native Americans ”…… will bring new jobs back to US Citizens; oh let us not forget that then will pay taxes etc. Etc. And so on…

U.S. Army Navy, Air force, and Marine fight for every day and that is to be CALLED AN AMERICAN!
BUT, AND, IF and Only if you pay and meet requirements set by laws already in place today; and THEN after fines, fees, back taxes, court costs, probationary fees, community service,education class fees, check in with probation officer per month or week, keep a steady job, household, occupational licensing plus fees to auto insurance and state DMV for AS MANY YEARS as THE COURTS see fit!

PART 2: Now this means if you are here illegally and are caught by any law office in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA you will not not be deported back to the country from which you came, just to come back the way you did before and with no fines, fees, penalty’s or any compensations for all the TAX DOLLARS never paid.

PART 1: The solution to this problem is this, if you come to the United States and are here illegally YOU CANNOT get a driver’s license, insurance, loan, credit card anything that starts with you first having to be a citizen with SS #. This being said that means that all the millions of illegal aliens already here and possess all or more of the above are fake, false, and illegal. MOREOVER, do not pay INCOME TAX!

Here in California... they stopped issuing licenses to illegals... now auto insurance rates are higher than ever before... economy is hurting badly... unlicensed drivers on the street (if they were allowed licenses, they would have had learned how to drive safely before getting the license & be driving)... NM people, learn from other states' experiences... do NOT stop issuing licenses to them, for your own sake.

The point is, if youre too lazy to wake up at 5am to go work in the sun all day dont complain, nobody takes your jobs. They take the jobs we refuse to work. Shut your mouths and address real issues, dont just open your mouth and speak against things you fully do not comprehend. To those who study and know what theyre talking about, disreguard this.

You people are a group of naive, heartless, and hipocrates! These immigrants are not criminals. Criminals commit crimes, most of these "illegals" are not here commiting crimes, yes there illegally living here but we all are! Thankyou founders of America for raping and killing Native Americans, the only people who belong here." We are here because like every other white person, we take what we can get any way. This may be history but it is the truth.

I would really like to know the real reason some of the State legislators and the immigrant rights group so strongly fight against changing the current law to only NM residients and American citizens can obtain a NM driver's licenses? We need to check out the REAL agenda pushed by these people. Saying to make the roads safer if we give them licenses is BS and everyone knows this. Safer is not having them in the US. end of story.

Any person who is here illegally or is undocumented should NEVER get any form of ID here in the USA. THat includes a drivers license. If a person who applys for a license is found to be illegally here we need to deport that person ASAP. Keep in mind if you are here illegally you are a CRIMINAL. You have the right to be arrested and deported. Its time NM and every other state starts to get tough, starts to pressure the FEDS to do their job and deport these criminals.

40 miles down the road they have Juarez, Mexico, a vicious, murderous town. New Mexico needs to protect itself. They need to do anything it takes to do that. ILLEGAL is can't make it anything else!!! We need to stop giving illegals everything they need to keep living here illegally. When they apply for a driver's license they should have to prove citizenship, no license. We have to get serious!!!

Sorry, but they are not coming over here to make an 'honest' living. If they were, they would be here legally, not illegally. So that tired mantra doesn't hold water. An honest person doesn't do stuff illegally. Those who are here illegally usually don't have car insurance to begin with. After all, they are breaking the law just by being here so they have no problems breaking other laws. Ever heard of uninsured and under-insured policy? Most people have it. Susana Martinez is a true American.

Billy Garrett should be representing himself as a person, not as a Dona Ana County Commissioner...and how DARE you even use that title and make it seem as if he represents Dona Ana County sentiments. I am also 100 percent in favor of the repeal of Driver's Licenses. How will they get to work? Don't you mean how will they get to the Human Services offices for their benefits?

I support our Governor's stance on this issue. I also think that the illegal immigrants should go home. I am tired of having to compete with them for what jobs come up.

Bravo Susana!

Congress and the Obama administration can no longer afford to ignore the threat illegal immigration poses to America’s economy. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the net fiscal burden of illegal immigration, paid for courtesy of the American taxpayer, is $122 billion annually. At the state level, Californians pay $2.9 billion on medical care for illegal aliens, over $11 billion on K-12 education and $3 billion on administration of justice outlays.

Gawd before I've even read it's p*ssing me off with the pic of that sign.. "say no to anti-immigrant proposals"... WHEN in the freaking H*LL are they going to GET IT that NO ONE is "ANTI IMMIGRANT"??? We are ANTI ILLEGAL INVASION. HUGE HUGE HUUUUUGE difference.

jrdskn2428, law breaker = ILLEGAL immigrant. Need me to post the definition of illegal for you as well?

What does the word " Illegal" Mean?
It means you have entered the United States without the proper documentation! If you have the proper documentation then get a license and go on about you business. If not you need to get it.
If the don't have a license they wont have insurance either.

what is wrong with society today. The gov. of N.M is only doing what is best for the leagle residents. How many time do you need to hear the word ILLEGAL? That means they have not leagl right to be in the USA and they are breaking the law by heing here. I say gov. Martinez is 100% right. If they have no way to work guess what they are working illegaly also which means that they are not paying taxes. BUT GUESS what they all get a free house, free food, free education, ALL ON OUR DIME. JUSTSAYING

so wats legal about them being in the country undocumented. if people are doing things the right way ya the deserve a license, but if they arent y should they get the oppoutunity for it.

hi illegals obtain insurance when they register their vehicles then the next week they cancel their insurance! look at their vehicles next time - when i see a car that has been damaged, and not fixed, it's b/c it belongs to an illegal who cancelled their auto insurance, that's why it's not fixed. They don't keep auto insurance any longer than it takes to get a vehicle registered, then they cancel! they cause us to have to buy additional auto ins for uninsured motorists, this is required by ins.

Susana Martinez should spend more time and effort getting all the law breakers out there.Instead she wastes time targeting the people who are trying to make an honest living.If they take driver licences away we are going to have pay more for insurance if we are involved in an accident with some one with out a license.Remember no license no insurance coverage for them.So for those of you in favor really think about this.Is Susana going to pay to fix your car and the higher price of insurance???

Being here illegally is NOT "honest". I am SO sure the illegals with licenses keep their insurance more than just long enough to register their car and get a license. Yep. Sure they do.

Hahahahaha!!! "Honest living"??? If they are here illegally - there is no such thing as an honest living for them!

I 100% support the repeal. If people don't want to become legal, they should be able to go hungry, get sick, and go home. We've got enough criminals in Washington. We don't need to increase that .

I agree the law should be repealed. The key word is Illegal. If they are not in the states legally then the have no rights. Get legal or go home. I know this may sound harsh to some, but we can not afford it any more.

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