Downtown Restaurant Serves Up Jaw-Dropping 7 Lbs. Burger

POSTED: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 4:57pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 2:09pm

A Downtown El Paso restaurant is serving up a dish that may leave you with your mouth open! The Federal Courthouse Bar and Grille in Downtown El Paso cooks up a humongous hamburger they have named the Tatanka burger. And one patron rose up to the occasion and took a bite out of the Tatanka challenge.

"It's four pounds of meat, half a pound of cheese, half a pound of bacon, the bread is a pound and put a pound of veggies on it," said Chef Alfredo Garza.

A regular burger weighs about a pound. Compare that to the Tatanka burger. It is 7 lbs. plus you get 2 lbs. of fries.

A group of nursing students came to grab a bite to eat right before a test -- a digestive test of all things. And one of them decided to take the Tatanaka challenge, which involves attempting to eat the seven lbs. culinary creation in half an hour.

"How did this fall on me? Peer pressure, complete peer pressure," joked Victor "Vector" Herrera. "But also to see if i could take on something this big."

The challenger, weighing 150 lbs. Victor "Vector" became more determined after finding out noone had ever finished the Tatanka burger.

After eating a quarter of the burger, Victor "Vector" did not slowing down.  After finishing half a burger, it seemed as though he had reached his limit.

"Bite it! Bite it like a monkey," joked his friends.

Then after saying he was done, he decided to munch on a few fries.

"I thought you were full. You're still eating fries?!" ask his friends.

"This is like the hardest bite ever dude," he says when taking what would be his last bite.

After walking things off a bit, Victor "Vector" is back feeling much better but not wanting to do anything else, much less take a digestive test.

"I feel moderately worthless. My stomach is extremely inflamed right now. I might need a new colon," he joked. "Now I have to go to class. Hopefully nothing happens."

Chef Alfredo Garza, who says about 50 Tatanka burgers have been ordered since they started serving them, was impressed with what Victor "Vector" cowed down.

"He ate four pounds out of seven, so that's a lot. He didn't touch the fries," said Garza.

"I got three fries, that's it," he pointed out. "That was all I could take."

Victor "Vector" says the Tatanka burger is one meal he will never forget.

"The appearance when you brought it. The sight of how enormous it was," said Victor "Vector". "The very first bite and how delicious it was. And right at the end where I had to rush to the bathroom."

The Tatanka burger costs $59.99. It also comes with cheesecake. If you manage to eat the whole thing in 30 mintues, it's on the house.

The Federal Courthouse Bar and Grille is located in Downtown El Paso at 912 Texas Ave #D.

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Vato vs. Food will happen once i get there.

This is a perfect example as to why El Paso ranks LOW according the Mens Health Magz in eating/staying healthly....what a shame, so many fat people walking arounding!!!!!

Quite the experience! It was fun, and we would like to thank you on behalf of Victor and friends for making our week a very enjoyable one!

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