A Marriage Proposal 5 Years in the Making

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - 11:41am

MONTREAL, CANADA- A real life love story is capturing the hearts of thousands of people on the internet, an elaborate proposal five years in the making.

Love letters these most definitely are, but not the traditional sort.

Here's an "A" followed by an underwater "L." This couple decided to capture magic moments around the world with a photo and a letter. Put all these letters together and they spell out the words "We always knew."

It has taken five years to complete the 12-letter sentence and, at the end of this, he obviously does know what he wants to happen next. But what she does not know is that at the location for the last letter, their home city of Montreal, her boyfriend has a new message.

First they snap the "W" but he suggests another take and this time watch the two women leaning against the balustrade.

The message is clear, but she has no idea until she looks at the photo in the camera's viewfinder.

Then out comes the ring followed by tears and laughter. He even goes down on one knee and the crowd is delighted. No need for a banner for her answer, the "Y-E-S" clear from her kiss.

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