Girl Scouts Start Selling Cookies Saturday As Organization Celebrates 100 Years

POSTED: Friday, January 20, 2012 - 5:39pm

UPDATED: Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 8:28pm

Thousands of Girl Scouts in our area are going to be very busy for the next couple of months. Tomorrow they begin their annual cookie sales. And this year is extra special as they celebrate a major milestone of being a part of American culture.

"We've got the short breads. The thin mints, peanut butter patties, peanut butter sandwiches. We've got the lemonades and the thanks a lot," recited Girl Scout Lailah Fournier.

Caramel Delights and Shoutouts round out the mouthwatering cookies you'll see girls like Lailah selling. Lailah is one of 8,000 girls who belong to the Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest council.

"Our mission statement is that we build girls of courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place," said Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest Diane Flanagan.

The Girl Scouts, the largest organization in the world dedicated solely to girls, is celebrating 100 years this year. Back in 1917 when they first started selling cookies there was one flavor to pick from. Out of the eight current ones, one in particular makes the others green with envy because of its popularity. "The thin mint is the second highest-selling cookie in the country and we only sell them for three months out of the year," said Diane.

The cookie sales gives girls the chance to earn recognition and money for their troop. They can use the money for community projects, trips and activities. "My goal is to make a big project to help my community in many ways," said Lailah.

Lailah's goal is to sell 1,000 boxes, which would double the amount she sold last year. Through the cookie sales she says she's learned many skills. "We know how to take care of money. You know, business. We know how to make our goals, how to make our goals and be leaders," said Lailah.

Diane wants you to do one thing: to talk to the girls when you buy their cookies. "Because every girl has a goal she wants to sell and what she's planning to do with the proceeds. So, engage the girl. Support the girl," said Diane.

So when you see the Girl Scouts out at Walgreens, Walmart, Lowe's and Basset Center and you hear this: It's that time of year again. It's girl scout cookie time. Would you like to buy some of our cookies?
The girls are hoping your answer will be yes.

"We really hope that you support the girl scouts," said Lailah. "And we would really like to sell our cookies so that we can do our activities and our camps and even help out people in our community by selling."

There's also a way for you to help the Girl Scouts and do something nice for soldiers overseas. You can buy a box for a soldier. At the end of their sale in March the boxes will be shipped to soldiers serving our country.
The girls will be selling their cookies through March 4th.
If you want to purchase tickets, there is a cookie hotline you can call and they'll forward your information to one of the Girl Scouts for them to take your order.

You can information on buying cookies, volunteering or helping the girl scouts by visiting the Girl Scouts website


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This girl is exceptional. she looks so good on TV and she talks very well!
Congratulations Girl Scouts for this kind of girls.

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