George Lopez Pokes Fun at Drunk Sunland Park Mayor

POSTED: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 4:33pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 12, 2011 - 1:49pm

SUNLAND PARK - Mayor Martin Resendiz wants to run for congress, but it appears he's the laughing stock of the nation.
Last night, comedian George Lopez blasted the mayor on his late night talk show for signing documents while drunk.

"Right now he's taking quite a hit," Political Science Professor Gregory Rocha said.

Rocha told us that Mayor Resendiz can still overcome the negative attention, but he might have a harder time finding campaign donors.

"I'm not going to give money to a candidate that looks to be a loser or somebody that doesn't have a chance at winning," Rocha said to explain the mentality of a campaign contributor.

So we posed the question to you. Would you trust a politician that admitted to drinking and signing important documents?

"Oh hell no. I wouldn't trust politicians in general. At least he's being honest, but it's sheer stupidity," Tim Hamlon said.

"Obviously people will vote for anybody," Becky Young said.

"He can always spin this, or people have short attention spans and go the other way. So yea, sure he could walk away from it, but for now it's funny. Maybe a little tragic, but it's hilarious," Hamlon added.

We asked Mayor Resendiz for comment through his city's spokesman earlier today, but we never heard back from him.

The City of Sunland Park is now counter-suing the company, but the Sunland Park Spokesman would not talk about those lawsuits. He cited "pending litigation."


Take a look at the video here:

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This outstanding political leader ALSO thought, based on his good will feelings, that this was the right things to do for the citizens of Sunland Park. Mayor Cook and Resendiz were cut from the same cloth.

the city of sunland park goverment is filled with thiefs wifebeaters and drunks what a shame

Shouldn't have made fun of him what are you in grade school. George was hilarious I'm glad he made fun of him maybe bell fair his job more seriously there is a time for business and a time for fun. If he can't handle it then he needs to step down.

Hey that jack....s asked for it, they should make fun of his fake title with his fake little town, or whatever you call that place. Good job George Lopez!!!

George should never have made fun of Mayor Martin Resendiz of Las Cruces NM for admitting he was drunk when he made a million dollar contract with a California firm but did not know what he was signing. There is a price to pay for making fun of the democratic party members. He also included some beloved dems like Wiener, Wu and Edwards. Even though they are disgraced politicians they still have strong followers that hate America and free speech.

Read more carefully; mayor of Sunland Park. In jest or otherwise, attention should be brought to the matter. When it comes to fiscal and financial responsibility, I would appreciate for people such as Mayor Resendiz to be clear of mind, especially when it comes to large sums of money. You say disgraced politicians still have strong followers who hate America and free speech; that doesn't even make sense. I would expect their followers to be American and if they hate America, they can relocate.

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