Funeral Fight Continues

POSTED: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 4:51pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 9, 2010 - 11:50am

EL PASO - Dozens of motorcycles sped away from Mount Carmel Funeral Home Monday evening after they were turned away by El Paso Police.

More than a hundred people stood outside the funeral home after a court order stopped the rosary of David Torres.

Torres, a member of American Steel Motorcycle Club, was killed in a motorcylcle accident in Austin last week.

The fight is over his body.  Torres's estranged father and ex-wife want him cremated and sent to Belen, New Mexico, where Torres was from.

But his common-law wife and best friend wanted to split his ashes.

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So many of you think you knew David but you only know what he ALLOWED you to know. He was a great man with a good heart and a stubborn side that only those who loved him understood and hated. Life and the decisions HE MADE in his life caused him lots of grief and sadness. We all have free will, he was the architect in his life. He choose friends and women over love and family, and so the roads in life were rough. He would want to be buried in Belen next to his Mom, whom he often spoke of w/me.

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High school friend. My condolences to the family. I went to high school with David, and had no clue he was here in El Paso. He was the most loving outgoing person I knew. He never judged anyone or hated anyone. He loved his home town of Belen. Let the guy go home and rest. He will always be remembered, whether he stays here. David is HOME now. Let him rest in peace. I love you David, you will always be in my prayers and thank you for being MY friend.

even get to view their father now because of the court date. theyll never get to see him that one last time that they deserve. wow liz. girls, my heart goes out to you. know that your dad is safe with god now. dave, well all miss u

i have been close to both david and his ex wife for many years. liz, u claim to love david, but if u really loved him, u would know how much his girls meant to him and u would know that he would have wanted them to have their way in this burrial. havent they gone through enough with their fathers passing? do they really need you adding all this stress over where their father will lay for eternity? just put yourself in their shoes and look at how much pain this is putting them through. they dont

I knew David for a short time, but those girls were his life. If you only saw how happy he was when they were with him and how excited he was when he'd pick them up. He brought them to work and you could see the love he had for them and they for him, you'd think twice about letting them take him to Belen and be buried next to his mother. Let them have some peace now, we are all mourning him!
"Rest in Peace, Cowboy Up!"

Someone who cares

I only saw Liz 2 times in my life.She doesnt know anything about my family.If she knew me she would know how how much I love him and how much we want to take him home.Everytime we go to Belen we visit my Nanas grave and hopefully we'll be able to go and visit both of them.My Tata and my Dad didnt see each other often but my Tata is doing this for me and my sister and my great grandma.I went to her house last Tues. in Belen and she told me and my Mom to please bring him home.Hope Liz lets us.

erica, sweetheart, my heart truely goes out to u and your family. david would have been so proud that you all havent given up. if only he could see how much you and your sister are going through to take him home where he wanted to be . . . dont give up. ever.

Just pray real hard Erica that the judge rules in your Mom's and Tata's favor so you can take your dad home.

My name is Erica Im Davids girl.My Aunt Carolyn NEVER took me to see my Dad.We moved to EP even though we didnt want to just to see him.Liz is the one who didnt allow my Dad to see us.My mom tried her hardest to get us to see our Dad.Mom would even give him money to take us out and lend him her car since Liz(he said)never would.Since March my Dad starting seeing me and my sister again and I bet it was because he wasnt with her anymore. He even went out with my mom alone just to talk about us.

Your daddy earned about $60 to $70,000.00 dollars a year. Yet, he didnt have a car or money to take you out? WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. lEAVE HIS GIRLS OUT OF THIS GUILT TRIP!! Iam sorry young lady, i would never disrespect you, because your part of your father.

David you came into my life and you were bigger than life itself.My one could bring you down.Not even the courts or your ex.I'm sorry that this system here has failed you again.But your free now,free from fear and apprehension.I no your in Haven now,looking down on all those who hurt you.But in your heart don't carry any hatred,because The Will Of God Will Never Take You Where The Grace Of God Will Not Protect You"Love You Always Anthony.

continued..? He hurt her and she wanted to hurt him in the cruelest way she could think of, by taking everything, did he fight it, no. Did he do it for his kids, yes and probably for her. Was what she did right? Of course not! But only she has that to live with just as the ex live-in has to live with the fact that if she hadn’t taken the bike away this might not have happened This is a no win situation where both women lost out, this is just a conjecture on my part.

"Nunya" - have you ever heard "If you can't say anything nice, than don't say anything at all". I can understand how everyone whom knew David would like to have a say on his behalf now that he has parished. I ask you, will commenting on David's relationship bring him back? Will it make this nightmare of conflict disappear? The adults that are posting on this page should be ashamed of themselves if they are posting their opinions on the matter. Write to David's good memory instead.

continued..Yes, he had very good friends, almost as close to family as you can get, and you miss him dearly but, blood is stronger than water regardless whether he was estranged from his family or not. Put yourselves in their place, what if it was your son, brother, father, cousin, etc. what would you do? Would you do the same? I’m sure you would without thinking about it. I believe his ex-wife truly loved him as he did her, being together since what, junior high? continued..

continued..She took it away from him not because she gave it to him but because she co-signed for it and didn’t want him to have any other female companion riding with him if it wasn’t her. She tried to sell it to some idiot who wasn’t making the payments so she was planning to give it back to Dave hoping that would lure him back, plus save her credit. continued...

Leave the guy alone and let him rest in peace. If you knew David you knew he liked drinking, women and fast rides, and yes his supposed common-law was, well, let’s just say she wasn’t the type you took home to meet the folks, that’s the reason they never met her. So for those of you who really know Liz you know what I mean. As for the getting together part, well David as you know didn’t like to beg but he was willing to get back with the ex live-in because he did want his bike back.continued....

Rest in Peace David, I didn't Get the pleasure to know you but i know your ASMC Brothers and you will be missed but never forgotten.

FACTS: #1. NO WILL #2. C/LAW was checking to see if any insurance could help her pay no/less than $5500.00 to funeral home. #3. Only about one K was found. She was lucky her place of employment will cover ANY expense that may come alone. #4. It takes Two parties to have a fight.The X wife throught the father, I guess, is the one doing this. Madam, why? #5 I can't think of a trip david made to visit BELEN,NM. Other than a funeral. I wonder why! #6. YES. he loved his girls.GOOD PERSON/BIKE

You all need to stop being Haters! Yes, I am a friend of Liz. She had her reasons for what she did a couple months ago. Recently they have been trying to work things out. He betrayed her trust. Only Liz, Dave and God know whats up. We are no one to judge.

Let's put the record straight; Liz, the "Common-Law wife" was not there for Dave when he died! In fact, she kicked him out in February, took back the motorcycle she gave him and only tried to come back into his life AFTER he died! She needs to do us all a favor and let David's body return to his Father and his family in Belen, NM where he has always belonged. Enough is enough.

laughlin..........Send his body back to Belen,NM. Do you know why he left, and you want to send him back? Think with love in your (<3), not the hate you seem to have.

Yes they had spats as any normal married couples do. They were working on there marriage. She did not try to come back into his life after he was dead. They were seeing each other recounciling there marriage. Liz is the wife. The Ex and the asstranged family need to let David rest in Peace. Why didn't the asstranged family make this effort when he was alive... the only ones I feel for is his children and Liz. David is watching all this...,only David and God know the truth. I pray......

My gosh this is a shame how everything comes to light when this person is DEAD now. Critisizm, she said, he said, everyone blaming everyone else except themselfs.WE all have FAULTS and it takes a bigger person to admit and change. Instead of blaming,and doing all that DRAMA on national TV.Let this Man rest in PEACE.Iam a viewer and by reading all this comments/complaints/critisizm YOU guys should be ashamed letting the viewers know about your personal ife.Just let the dad make the decision.

Por favor, I have no interest in this but just wanted to comment on all this BS, for God sake please let this poor man rest in peace, we are no one to judge anyone. We all make mistakes and in times like this we should unite and be grateful that you had an opportunity to know him, respect his children's decision, whether you agree or not, if it is wrong there is a higher power that will take care of it. David, may you Rest in Peace.

Heaven has a new citizen!!!! Please remember we are all gods children and the body he has provided for us to serve him on this earth is just that "a body". Look for peace in your hearts, if you cannot find it PRAY FOR IT!!!

The both parties involved should be ashamed of themselves. Will the person who loved Dave the most "please" back down and allow this beautiful soul to rest in peace. Years from now this will all be forgotten but for those involved, they will have to carry the burden of this horrible selfish act for the rest of their lives. Dave I will miss you forever and I pray you can rest in peace

Isn't it sad how family members & a bitter ex wife still wont let him rest in peace?? Barbara just wont give up even now that he has passed!! Get over the power trip! You took his kids from him tried to have him put in jail for child supprot that he has given you and brain washed his girls from think bad of him. Now his father & brothers??? Now they are concerned about David?? You should have been there for him while he was alive!! Let him rest with his friends who were here for him!

I think that you are the one that didn't know David. Since Liz kicked him out he has had a better relationship with his children than he ever had before. He tried very hard to keep up the relationship with his children but it was LIZ that texted and called 40 times every time he was with them. Get over yourself and shut up...

I thought this guy calls himself Dave's Friend? I guess we need to show him the meaning of the word Friendship!

To all you writing negative comments about David's marriage.....Did any of you know him at the time? Do you really know what happened? Do you really care? All of you are probably like Liz and after all this is over, David will be a short lived memory and you will never visit his graveside. Also, incase you don't understand english, the law suit was made by David's FATHER. Oh I forget, if you really knew David you would know that his father is elderly and heartbroken and needs a spokesperson

If the grieving ex-girlfriend, post-death proclaimed common-law wife, sincerely cared for David, she'd honor his daughter's wishes. If the ex-wife always had him in Court, then apparently he was a Deadbeat Dad. The Court wouldn't allow anything more than the state regulated child support to be upheld. Come on people, use your common sense!! The ex-girlfriend who kicked him out of her home months ago just needs to let his family finally take him to his REAL HOME.

David's young children should not have to be going through this. The "Common Law" wife should do what is right for the children. Her three years of TRYING to get to know David, and not succeeding, does not make up for the years that this man spent with his children. The children will continue to visit their Father's graveside, while the "Common Law" will probably move on and forget this short chapter in her life soon.

By law the Will has to and will be followed, simple as that. Non-family members (ie, best friend) should stay out of this. You legally have no business in this. Get a life! Follow the Will ASAP and let poor David rest in peace. The suppose-it common law wife needs to mention they have/had been seperate around two months.

There was a will and it should be honored, along with David's memory. His family should've made the decision in the first place. His father and family have made the decision to bury him next to his mom and that should be the end of it period! Others involved, including friends should just bow out and butt out. This suggestion of splitting the ashes only shows the selfishness of those involved. If he wasn't going to be cremated, would those selfish individuals be asking for half of his body?

Barbara's own sister, Carolyn, tried to help David see his daughter's behind his ex's back. She did this for David a few times until Barbara and parents found out and put a stop to it. Even her own sister knew that the ex was wrong. Yet, all of you defend the ex-wife? I am grateful for what Carolyn did for David at that time. Carolyn, you need to speak up for David and let everyone know the truth about how his ex and others from Los Lunas that took everything away from him.

Hey Liz, just come out and tell everyone you are "A Friend". It's pretty sad that you are too woried trying to get your facts straight with the media than grieve your ex-boyfriend's death.

Oh, and yes, I'm a friend TOO!

I thought Barbara's own sister lived in Albuquerque, how did she managed to pull that off if his daughter's and Dave lived in El Paso????? Get your facts straight "A Friend"!!!! Did you even really know Dave??? Apparently not!!!

It was common knowledge by those of us that knew David that his ex-wife had him in court all the time. David even said that he was told by a co-worker of his ex, that her intention was to bankrupt him until he BEGGED her to let him come back to her. David never begged. Right, Larry???? I know what every single family member has done to David. So get off your high horses and go look at yourselves in the mirror before you say anything else.

How funny! A Co-worker of his ex-wife. Talk about cheap attacks. If you were his true friend, you'd know that the supposed "Common-Law" girlfriend was an EX-girlfriend. And the fact Liz NEVER met his family shows the 'true' relationship that they had!

David despised Barbara. She made his life miserable. Go to the El Paso County records and see how many times she took him to court to get more and more money and took away more and more of his rights. Why should an ex-wife be in charge of his burial? She didn't allow him to see his girls when he was alive, but now she wants his girls to make decisions for him in his death?

The decision they made was to immediately cremate him and Fed-Ex him to Belen from Austin. This was his brother Anthony's words. The same brother that had not seen or spoken to David in 8 years. What will are you talking about, a forged one? When he left Barbara he wan't even allowed to take his own personal documents. You weren't at David side day after day to know what he wanted. You didn't help him when he needed it. We were, his friends, his common-law wife, his co-workers. We were.

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