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East El Paso Fitness Center Set To Start Yoga For Senior Citizens

POSTED: Monday, January 23, 2012 - 5:32pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 23, 2012 - 7:03pm

A fitness center is getting ready to launch a new class geared just for senior citizens. It's called Golden Yoga and the instructor says for this is the perfect class for seniors wanting to get fit.

The fitness instructor at Rock That Body Fitness in East El Paso paid "Oz Glaze Senior Center" in Horizon a visit. Golden Yoga instructor Belia Ramirez has been doing demos around the Sun City for her upcoming class called Golden Yoga. "Mine is not the floor yoga. Mine is more of the chair being so that seniors have problems getting up off the floors," said Belia.

The class is designed for senior citizens or people who need a low-impact workout. "They can have more flexibility. It helps with their breathing. It helps them with their mind. It helps them with their self-esteem," said Belia.

Belia is hoping that more senior citizens are encouraged to exercise through a workout that's more their pace. "I want them to feel good about themselves, enjoy the class and not having to worry that, they're younger than me are and I have to move faster," said Belia.

Armida Vazquez has tried the Golden Yoga class. She says she noticed the difference soon after. "I'm more active, flexible. I've even lost weight," said Armida.

She also says she enjoys being around people she has things in common with. "I think our goal is the same. Exercising is very helpful for us," said Armida.

Belia says Golden Yoga class could be the beginning of a more active lifestyle for seniors. "That's what I highly recommend. That they get fit, they do yoga and go on and maybe later on go to higher things," said Belia.

Rock That Body Fitness is located at 3330 Saul Kleinfeld Suite 6. Their phone number is (915) 252-5202. For more information, visit

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