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Follow Up: Baby Brianna Case and Child Abuse

POSTED: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 11:04am

UPDATED: Friday, July 11, 2014 - 10:11am

It's been eight years since 5 month old Baby Brianna was murdered by her father and uncle. Her death shocked the community and prompted people to take action. When Brianna died the maximum sentence for child abuse resulting in death was 18 years in prison. District Attorney Susana Martinez fought to get both men lengthier sentences. Brianna's mom was also sentenced to 18 years for not protecting her.

Martinez has since been successful is getting that law changed. However she and the lead detective on the case believe more needs to be done to protect children.

Detective Lindell Wright says Brianna's death deeply impacted him and the community. The outpouring of support for her and other victims of abuse is overwhelming.

But in the years since her death more controversies have risen about the way Brianna's family has handled it.

We will take a more in depth look at Brianna's case, what still needs to done and what has many people furious at her family Tonight on Newschannel 9 at 5,6 & 10.


There is a website dedicated to the memory of Baby Brianna.

If you'd like to show your support, here's a link to the story.



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I'd like to see public hanging back. People that can do things like this are monsters=they should all be hanged m the neck until dead.

Marie Bernier
You must be a monster too. How can you think like that? These "people" are not mourning for this sweet, precious little baby. They abused, raped, and tortured her to death and those that knew about it allowed it to go on! Her own mother didn't even protect her! You honestly think they mourn her lose? They CAUSED it!
I apologize for calling you a monster. You're probably just some insane person who's off her meds. Or maybe your just too incredibly STUPID to live!!! Either way, you are a waste of humanity!
PS I've signed the petition.

If i could like this,like on Facebook..I would. Tell them girl!

No, child deserves any kind of physical harm! The lady who gave birth to her only received 18yrs. I don't understand why,she physically abused her by biting her and causing inflicting pain on this beautiful child.I don't believe any statement she made. They all deserve the death penalty the life was drained out of this little girl she had no chance at hope. Obviously the family is psychopathic that they would put a cage around grave.This shows you they have no shame in what they did. FORGET NOT

All i would like to say I love and miss you baby brianna And I cried many nights after hearing your story I am 19 and I have a 5 month old baby girl and I never knew you or meet you but when I saw you I fell in love with you and it hurts me to know you were never aware of how precious you are and you deserved every kiss and hug and everyone will agree rip beautful babygirl i sleep at night knowing your not with those nasty, ungrateful people. Always thinkin of yu sweetie.

This has been the most horrific baby child abuse in HISTORY! No child should ever have to suffer abuse. What is so sad is that another baby is going through the same abuse right now and we don't even know about it!
HELP PREVENT CHILD ABUSE!Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petitions as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

I have never seen any reason for the death penalty until now all three should be put to death by the law , 18 years in jail for a life give me a brake what kind of people are we becoming ? Stick them in jail to be taken care of for 18 years on tax payers money and then let them out on the rest of the worlds children . The injustice of justice . Little Brianna Lopez had no justice alive or dead !!!

I could't even fathom the pain and suffering that precoius child went through every day. I look at my grandkids and I thank god they were born into a loving family. They should just eliminate those people from our world, quit wasting taxpayers money on there sorry souls, and send them where they belong.....to rot in HELL!!!!

No man knows the minute or the hour,I pray that he comes soon and everyone will be ready!

the human !!!!!element becomes absent at the instant! actions become justified in the mind of the attacker !regardless of race and relationship,age or disability of the victim! because the sub conciense mind (mental state) is awaken to feel the reasons,logic,justification and self gratification,at the actions, actually the attacker is in a mentally disabled and almost completely insane state,compounded by the alcohol and or drugs injested! so capital punishment is justified!

yes the pics were graphic .but it is a story that needs to be told ,if you dont see it ,n see what those monsters did to her then your most likely to forget,i for one wont forget baby brianna.hope shes in gods arms n looking forward to the day her cage comes down...n thank you for rembering baby brianna on her 8 year angelversary

Let's give Baby Brianna the dignity that she deserves. Please sign the online petition to have the metal cage removed from Baby Brianna's grave site. Go to www.gopetition.com/online/26696.html

too bad the network is losing you as a viewer, but far I am concern they did let people know it could be graphic photos, so why did you look. Next time listen to the radio. People have the right to see and know exactly why these beasts should be hanged.

It saddens me to great deal to know and to be reminded that people with dark souls walk amoung us. However it is the duty of great reporting to inform us of such tragedies to educate us of our surroundings no matter how graphic. As far as the petition goes I am totally for it. Her abuse was on going and no family member stepped up to protect Brianna they lost their right to her when she took her last breath in silence. We are well aware that her soul is in heaven with golden wings.

It literally breaks my heart. I don't see how this family can say they didn't know what was going on...everyone should be punished. Baby Brianna needs to be protected, how she must feel looking down at the people that were suppose to love and protect her..now shedding the tears on her resting place, fake tears? Only God knows..as for the news showing pictures..I lost my son, at 9mo old due to genetic illness and brought back so many memories, my heart remains torn. Let her rest in peace!

I lost my son when he was only 4 month old, due to pneumonia. This was in 1956 in France, and we live in the country and doctors were non existent where we live. I am still crying my heart off after 55 years, and these people do not deserve to live, they do not show much regrets, if any. Far I am concern, all 3 should be put to death. Baby R, RIP

Baby Brianna,
How dare other people want to decide how others want to mourn a loss. They couldn't save her life so let them protect what they have.How dare them to come with a petition to remove something that is not theirs. Shame on the petitioners.Hey why don't you go after the Tomb of the Unknown soldier for that matter.
Leave the family of baby Brianna to mourn the loss which ever way they see fit.
End of story ! If those petitoners are so desperate go after the grave of Billy the Kid !

It's unfortunate ANYBODY (including myself) has given your post the decency of a response. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is to honor a Hero. Billy the Kid was a criminal. Baby Brianna was a defenseless 6 month old baby that was raped, tortured, abused, neglected and ultimatelly murdered by her own mother, father and uncle while family members know of it. Your comparisons are weak and so is your character. Nobody here should expect you to understand.

Either read the full story so you know exactly what you are talking about, or keep your insensitive opinions to yourself. In my opinion, you are no better than the monsters that murdered and raped that little girl and the only reason they put a cage over her grave was to again find a way to neglect that baby by preventing anyone from showing her any kind of love. They don't mourn her. Her family didn't want her or love her but we the public do, and always will.

Her "family" didn't even have the decency to claim her body!!! Shame on you for being such an ignorant waste of human.

Either your friends of the family, or you haven't read her story. We have THE RIGHT to petition for the removal of her cage due to the following (I'll even make it simple for you): The family let the abuse go on, and it killed her. They didn't pay for her burial. The family still thinks those monsters did nothing wrong.

are you an idiot or are you some way involved with the family. Because if the "family" didnt have enough love for brianna to save her when she was alive then not even claim her body when she died they should not have any right to say what happens to her grave. I am one of the people who signed the petition and i am going to makie sure the cage gets taken down i promise that. And for anyone else who think Brianna's "family" should have any rights then you are just as sick as them

the wrong of people's intentions; not to instill fear but awareness... PLEASE everyone, CHILD ABUSE is everyone's business and if you are scared to step in get someone who can right away.. Things can be prevented if ppl cared enough to stop them!!!!

and the same goes for the boyfriends or husbands they need to be evaluated too! its so scary what the ppl do to other ppl especially little angels that have no idea or comprehension of why it is being done to them (not that there should be a valid excuse or reason for abuse) point is they dont deserve it and anyone that hurts children, mentally, verbally, sexually, or physically needs to be seeked at the max punishable and beyond... and parents please talk to your children and let them know

if ppl cant handle a child why dont they seek help? are ppl that ignorant or dumb to not realize that they are not cut out for it. i dont blame god for letting children suffer it is the ppl.there are too many women that will die w/o having a baby b/c of medical reasons yet idiots that are blessed to have them neglect them. they really should do a pscy eval on mother's before and after pregnancy to ensure that they are mentally capable/can be presumed to be capable of caring for another being..

i dont understand why the family of Baby Brianna has any say in what happens with her grave..they didnt say anything when she was being murdered..why give them any rights to her grave?You cannot tell me that there is one family member that didnt know that baby was being abused,i believe that the county should have the rights to her grave and she should be given the memorial she deserves

I support 1000000% any decision the county decides to do. They say they want to give her a proper burial ground with a headstone. I agree. But Who will protect her from crazy people wanting to come and harm her again (wanting to destroy, disgrace her tomb, graffitti, disrespect her, digging up & stealling her body). I want someone to answer this. Who will protect her? Give her proper burial in an undisclosed area.

Without knowing, her family did a good thing by placing that gate around her tomb. Theres a lot of crazy people out there. Who knows what they may want to do if her tomb wasnt protected as it is now. I definitely wouldnt want her tomb to be all cluttered with junk (balloons, stuffed toys, etc). It reminds me of celebrities who have passed and how people just destroy the burial grounds with all this clutter. Let her rest in peace. Pay your rspects and leave in peace. She is in heaven.

The follow up story concluded with the news of people petitioning the removal of a gated cage placed around Baby Brianna's burial ground. I know her precious body isnt there anymore (it is dust). Her spirit left that body and is in heaven. so the idea that her family want to silence her (hence the angel statue inside her burial ground)is just silly. Her story is aleady out. She will continue impacting lives everywhere with the testimony of her life. No one can silence her.

It is so heart breaking the fact that there are so many loving people out there wishing God would bless them with a child. Yet these criminals are blessed to have such a beautiful child lent to them, to raise and educate and they abuse this precious blessing.

May her soul RIP,away from harm. Something she couldn't do at home.

I can not believe how anyone can do that to a 5 month little girl or any child period. I will pray for her and for all those children who suffer in the world. May this open our eyes and make us stop acting blind but let us change our ways.We are all children of God.

-Diana M.

I was disturbed by the video from Juarez that showed an injured person bleeding on the ground after being wounded by a hand grenade. I was further outraged at what I saw during today's 5pm newscast. It was just too much! I am disgusted and appalled at the use of pictures of this poor dead infant to get ratings. I am a life long viewer of Channel 9 news but I have seen enough. I will no longer tune in for your news cast and hope you will return to using better judgment in the future.

Would you have cared more or less about the story on Baby Brianna if you had seen no pictures of what they did to her or just pretty pictures that show her as a sweet little child? I doubt it. Why don't you focus some of that outrage at the people that did this to the child in the first place? Did you know that the same mother, father and uncle that tortured, raped, abused and murdered her will soon walk free? I doubt it.

I think they should be hanged for the world to see for what they did to that baby. Am sick of people that don't want thses sick people to pay for these types of crime. Anyone that thinks thes people esever to live shu serve time in jail

I think they should be hanged for the world to see for what they did to that baby. Am sick of people that don't want thses sick people to pay for these types of crime. Anyone that thinks thes people esever to live shu serve time in jail

They aren't trying to better their ratings, they are using the photos for one to allow the public to really understand the horrors of child abuse and to hopefully use that awareness to help prevent it. Also, if you read the story, there were no photos taken of that beautiful baby while she was alive. The only photos are her autopsy photos which people have had retouched, to allow us to really see how beautiful she was.

Glad to see somebody educated themself on this case before responding with some insensitive response. Always amazing to me how so many people want to be protected from horrible scenes like this and want to blame others for having to see it but they don't want to direct any of that disgust at the cause of the crime. In this case her very own parents and uncle. It should make people sick and disgusted and people should know what happened to her.

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