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Catholics Leaving Church Over Homosexuality Issue

POSTED: Thursday, August 5, 2010 - 7:10am

UPDATED: Saturday, August 7, 2010 - 8:36pm

EL PASO - It's no secret where the Catholic Church stands on homosexuality.

Still, a recent column by a local priest - father Michael Rodriguez is stirring up a lot of debate.

The father called homosexuality evil and said that any catholic who didn't actively oppose it was committing a sin.

While his editorial was blunt, it isn't shocking.

However his comments do come at a time when a record number of people are leaving the church because of this issue.

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Homosexuality is an evil. Evil is the absence of a good that ought to be present. The orientation itself is an evil because it clearly lacks the good intended by the very structure of the human body, male and female. It is also a moral evil when acted out because it lacks the complimentarity of man as God created man: male and female He created them so that a man might be joined to his wife and the two be one flesh. There are evils that will follow from the legitimization of homosexuality.

oh plueeze. homosexuals are no more evil than hetrosexuals. Its a matter of common sense. If your Christian God, Christ came back today I think he would take vengence on those among you casting the first stone. It is thoughts like that, from the inquisition days of medevil Europe where people were tourchered and killed simply for being or thinking differently than the power hungry heirchy of the catholic church wanted. It is the same evil hate filled dogma today.

If thats what you believe, then go for it and leave the church. No one is forcing anyone to stay. There is no torcher or killing going on today. It used to be homosexuals just wanted to be left alone. Why do they insist in being accepted in a belief that is contrary to their own? Its time for them to leave the church alone.

I read this Priest's article and I must say it was impressive. I am not Catholic, but I certainly respect and admire the truth so plainly spoken by the Reverend. Any church that professes to be Christian will have brave souls that speak the truth and not back down. If people choose to leave a church because they disagree with God, then so be it.

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