FBI And DEA Named In Threat After Car Bombing In Juarez

POSTED: Monday, July 19, 2010 - 9:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 5:03am

The scene, almost surreal. Juarez is the most deadly city in the world and yet, an improvised explosive device used to kill 4 people, including 2 cops is hard to believe.

Left behind at the scene was evidence of C4 explosives and a bomb that was detonated with a cell phone.

The explosion, is believed to have been orchestrated by "La Linea" the enforcement arm of the Juarez cartel.

Now threats of another bombing, coming from La Linea but this time, threatening our FBI and DEA for their part in the investigation of this bombing.

A warning left Monday on the side of a Juarez school was addressed to the FBI and DEA. The agencies are being warned because their involvement in the investigation.

Our calls to the ATF regional office and the El Paso FBI confirm that both agencies are working in Juarez right now on this case.

The FBI sent a team of investigators over the weekend. The ATF has about half a dozen investigators still working that bombing.

The threat remains, however directed to the FBI that if Mexican police and military do not stop supporting the Sinola cartel, a much larger car bomb will be detonated in 15 days.

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The news that Ben Gave is wrong, your station really needs someone that can translate the information correctly , the message reads " FBI & DEA start investigating the authorities who are giving support to the sinaloa cartel, because if you don't we will put more car bombs to those federal agents, if in 15 days there is no response on the detantion of corrupt agents there will be 100 kilos of C4 " Please feel free to correct your news!!!!!!

Time to pull out is all i can say and let mexico go to ruin for their in-ability to run their own country properly.The people proved they will do nothing to stop the deterioration of their beloved land.

Like Vietnam we are sticking our nose into something that isn't our business and we will end up with the short side of the stick once again.Let the people of mexico see what will happen if they don't fight for their own futures.They are lead by a tyrannic president who loves to steal from them

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