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Ft. Bliss Father's Day

POSTED: Friday, June 18, 2010 - 5:37pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 18, 2010 - 11:15pm

Last year, Sgt. John Vuncannon didn't make it home for Father's Day.

"You feel like you are missing out on your family and really you are," Vuncannon said, "but at the same time there is a bigger picture here."

This year, however is a different story.

John's wife, Laura, says having her husband away from her children is far from easy.

"I have to play both roles, I have to be there for both of them its really hard to explain to them why he's not there," Mrs. Vuncannon said.

So this year, Vuncannon plans on making the most of his Father's Day.

"It is the one day a year that I can really focus on my kids and get to enjoy them they way I think a father should," Vuncannon said.

Unfortunately, this family can never be sure that dad will be home for the next year.

Mrs. Vuncannon said, "We got orders overnight that he was going to be deployed again so it does come as a shock and you're not prepared for it ever. You try to prepare yourself for it every day and you are never ready."

For now, they're grateful for the time they do have together.

"Since he got back home she is in love with her daddy, Mrs. Vuncannon said. "She worships the ground he walks on. As soon as he walks through that door she is ready to see her daddy."

John's son loves his dad so much that he wants to be a soldier just like his dad.

The Vuncannons say the most important thing for them on Father's Day is being together as a family.


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