Event Planner Has Tips On Decorating For Your Memorial Day Celebration

POSTED: Saturday, May 28, 2011 - 11:26am

UPDATED: Monday, May 30, 2011 - 7:52pm

Many of you will be holding picnics, pool parties or barbecues this Memorial Day Weekend. But remember, there's a serious history behind the holiday, it's to remember those whose lives are lost in war. One of the top event planners in El Paso, Caroline Whitmore, gives us decorating tips to throw a patriotic party but to also honor the memory of those who've died serving our country.

"People love to get excited about the party and the decorating. It's fun to see how much effort you put in the party. And it doesn't cost a lot of money," said Caroline Whitmore owner of Eventures Designer Events. Caroline set up a patriotic display from top to bottom under a tent right outside of her party planner business in West El Paso.

She gave us a tour of some creative and inexpensive ideas for the holiday. First off -- a fun, interesting way to welcome your guests.  "I've got potted geraniums you can get at any little store, put some flags in it. You've got a beautiful little pathway," said Caroline.

"I like to remember that the United States flag is a representative of a living country and, therefore, it's considered a living thing. That's why we don't desecrate it. That's why we put it out at sunrise and we take down at sunset," said Caroline.

Some ribbon banners add another festive touch outside. "You can go to any hobby store, get some ribbon, put it on an embroidery hoop and create a ribbon banner," said Caroline.

A wreath in red white and blue is the perfect touch for your door.  "I made a wreath. You can go to the dollar store and you can get all kinds of things and create a fun wreath with a little hot glue," she said.

Memorial Day began in 1865, as a tribute to soldiers who died on both sides of the Civil War.  "When they originally had Memorial Day, I believe they probably came from long distances to put flowers on their loved one's grave and had a picnic basket and probably sat down under a tree and had a picnic," said Caroline.

"People forget that this is a day of remembrance and that Fourth of July is a celebratory day is a different kind of day. This is a day that we remember all the wonderful people who died protecting our country," said Caroline.

Caroline has a perfect way to remember those loved ones who have died serving our country.  She said, "The memory board is something that some families do, especially those who have lost a loved ones in wars and it's pictures or things that are significant. It could be anything that commemorates their lives."

For centerpieces, there are several ways you can go: "You take pictures of loved ones or anything that's of significance. Put it in the center of a table, with a potted plant and some stars and stripes or something and you've got another center piece. Inexpensive," said Caroline.

"This is called deco-mesh and you just buy a wire wreath and you work this deco-mesh around with pipe cleaners and you can actually pick it up and hang it on a door or you can, I left it as a centerpiece," said Caroline.

A cupcake stand with patriotic sweets can serve as a table arrangement. Your napkins and even water can become a patriotic item.  "The fruits of summer.  The oranges, lemons, limes, berries, just put it in your water. It's very refreshing and fun and people love that," said Caroline.  "Got a real inexpensive napkin, tied it with some decorative ribbon and you've got a cute way to decorate your table very inexpensively."

Caroline says you don't have to go over- the- top to have a nice and patriotic Memorial Day celebration.  "Easy, barbecue a few hot dogs, hamburgers and you've got a great party and all you did was go buy some cupcakes put a few flowers out and ribbons and you've got it."

Caroline also says you can use blue and red fruit in a white bowl to add another touch of festivity.

You can reach Caroline Whitmore with Eventures Designer Events at 892-0842 or go to her website: http://eventureselpaso.com/



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