Teacher Reacts to EPISD Scandal

POSTED: Friday, August 5, 2011 - 4:36pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 7:05pm

EL PASO- EPISD is moving forward without Superintendent Dr. Lorenzo Garcia. Last night the board of trustees placed him on leave until after his corruption charges are settled.
Now one teacher is hoping the district can move on. Jerome Tilghman teaches social studies in middle school. He says the board of trustees made the right decision to place Dr. Lorenzo Garcia on non-salaried leave.

“This no matter how it turns out is certainly a punch in the gut that we have to recover from. The question is can the district take the punch and then get back up answer the bell, get back in the classroom and do those things we are chartered and challenged to do,” says Tilghman.

To help stabilize the school year ahead, the board of trustees moved the district's chief of staff to serve as interim superintendent.

“Terry Jordan has got a great responsibility in front to her to keep the ship afloat,” says Tilghman.

The ship is now sailing as the FBI continues its effort to root out corruption.

“This, I believe, is tethered to something else. Something preceded this and this is just an extension of those investigations and I do believe that the dominoes will continue to fall,” says Tilghman.

In fact, many of those FBI investigations have focused on the EPISD board. Five years ago, several board members and local politicians faced corruption charges.

“I thought that with the acquittal of Regina Arditti, who was one of our local judges, that we had begun to climb out of this abyss of being a corrupt city and not being able to trust our public officials,” says Tilghman.
We called EPISD to ask what happens now to Dr. Garcia’s $300,000 salary - no call back yet. Tilghman hopes the board will use it to help the districts money problems.

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The Board of Trustees would do well to make sure that $300,000 does not stay on the sidelines. Robert Almanzan, HR Director and Ken Parker, CFO -- at the board's direction --can get together and figure out how many At- Risk -Coordinators and other campus support staff can be returned to the district's campuses. We lost some key people with these budgets cuts. We need them back in the game. Also, Dr Garcia, like any other citizen accused of a crime, is entitled to due process.

j tilghman

Wait so this guy made 300k annually? This is outrageous for a superintendent. There are VP employees at fortune 500 companies that don't even make that.

The board needs to be investigated and reviewed by a third party because its obvious they need to be replaced by people who have ethics.

If he made 300k how much do his bosses on the board make?

The board of trustees do their job voluntarily, they are not compensated in any way.

When nepotism is still prevalent in EPISD's district and the city, we have a long way to go. When you give someone an open, signed checkbook with no strings, we have a long way to go. When officials who have been hired to do a job, or voted in to do a job, feel they can take advantage of those who work for them we have a long way to go.

This gentleman talks in cliches without really saying anything.

If I said anything that was unclear, please visit me at the Morehead Middle School campus. We can discuss any part of the message that you missed. School opens next week for teachers and a week later for students. You are welcomed any time.

j tilghman

She's his girlfriend they need to get all his best friends out as well

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