Former El Paso High Principal Reassigned to Athletic Department

Former El Paso High Principal Reassigned to Athletic Department

POSTED: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 8:49pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 8:22am

EL PASO - Former El Paso High School principal Luis Liano been reassigned to EPISD's athletic department, where he's working as a facilitor, according to district spokesperson Renee de Santos.
The school board removed Liano as principal of El Paso High last month after numerous complaints from students and faculty that he was giving unfair treatment to different organizations on campus.


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Just another case of the District/Board covering their A__ __. If he, Liano was so bad to be taken out of his position, why reward him with his retirement parachute, let him go back to teaching, and prove himself again. Sad and Pathetic actions by the district?Board.

joesulli1: I agree w/ your comment. My question is why are AP's Bustillos and Winkelman still on campus. After 25 people fled EPHS, that is more evidence of the good ole boy system still in place, the board's poor decision making and thier non-action. Seems to me they've added to their mountain of liability and are tightening their own noose.

What no one mentions is that the assistant principal will make the same salary he was making for at least one year even though a facilitator is at a lower pay grade. Talk about wasting money.

Sounds like an $87,000 promotion. Ironic given that the student body chief complaints were that he favored athletics over academics, and that he misused and abused his power and others. He was reassigned about 2 weeks ago. Who made this decision. His protector Garcia or the board...

In reference to this article and the former assistant Principal at El Paso High: How come EPISD administration is held to a different standard that pertains to in-house investigations of employees while teachers and coaches are treated like migrant workers filling sand bags, sweeping, vacuming and cleaning while reassigned at district ware-houses?
Hell, why isn't Lorenzo Garcia sent to a district warehouse while inicted by the FBI? EPISD doesn't practice what they preach! DISCRIMINATION!!!

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