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POSTED: Monday, October 18, 2010 - 4:31pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 7:40am

A down-to-earth explanation for those Friday Night Mystery Lights...

EL PASO - A down-to-earth explanation for those Friday Night Mystery Lights...

In a place not too far away... just on the city's east side... earthlings witnessed a sight out of this world... several mystery lights dotting the night sky.

"It's something hard to prove, just like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. I used to believe in them, but i grew out of it, but ufos and other things...they're just out there."

Many of you made contact with us last Friday night to share your accounts of this same scene captured by one of our photojournalists ...Ram Moreno... footage which received more than 30,000 hits on YouTube.  One falling light seems to divide into three before a fourth mysteriously appears.  All of the lights then dance in the darkness before vanishing.

"This kicked off our hanger party where we bring in our 350 volunteers, our performers and all our sponsors to kick off the celebration of 29th Amigo Airsho."

Amigo Airsho Executive Director Terrie Todd identifies this flying object as a patriotic performance by the U.S. Army's precision parachute team... the Golden Knights.  She says each Knight had attached canisters with flares on their feet to generate light while diving through El Paso's skies as part of a synchronized stunt... so no mothership here.

"The first one came out, jumped the P.O.W. flag. the other three that came together...they were coming together to pass the baton that was presented to our president."

A logical explanation for those who don't necessarity believe in little green men.

"I went last year so that's exactly how they looked. maybe since it was a little bit darker, it kind of looked like it could have been UFOs, but I really, really don't think so."

A similar sighting happened just days before in New York City... a coincidence which prompts some to challenge Todd's explanation and believe the sky harbors many unanswered questions whose answers reside light-years away.

"I don't know, I see too many movies and it could be somebody or something that we don't know. It looked too synchronized to be something regular."

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I just saw the video concerning the lights last week. Can you explain what we saw up in the sky yesterday afternoon around 6:30? It looked like a metor shower than one flew over us were we were standing on Edgemere and Lee Trevino and it was a SUPER BRIGHT SHINY RED OBJECT could not tell what it was....than it disappeared. I was not the only one that show this, several of us in the apartment complex show this. What ever it was stayed in the air a good 15 mins.

Those lights were the Psychics, Mediums and Wizards coming in early for the El Paso Psychic Fair at the Hawthorn Inn October 23 & 24.

My father, brother, friend and I just finished watching Ironman 2. We have a Hollywood explanation for the Friday Night Mystery Lights...Ironman and his creations making their presence known! :)

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