El Paso Psychic Fair

El Paso Psychic Fair

POSTED: Sunday, October 24, 2010 - 3:40pm

UPDATED: Sunday, October 24, 2010 - 6:43pm

EL PASO - "Love, relationships and money and health. Those are always the big questions that people want answered."

Spirit Writer Linda Allen specializes in allowing the dead to communicate with the living through pen and paper. This sort of ghostwriter practices her gift... along with 13 other psychics from both New Mexico and Texas... at the El Paso Psychic Fair.

"That way the people can come and not just get one reading, but they can get maybe two or three readings from different readers from thousands of miles apart so they can see what each one says and if it's all the same, or very similar, something's happening."

The Psychic Fair takes place in the Sun City several times a year... but the event held during October gets visitors in the spirit.

"We have some people who actually come in in costume and they're more in the fun mood."

As the money line continues to run short on the palms of countless Americans... Martin says psychics steadily maintain their fortunes right along with telling them.

"They do come to readers so that they can talk one-on-one with a stranger and then they don't have to be involved with them. They don't have to see them next week at work, they don't have to see them at school."

So what's in the cards for El Pasoans?

"Like a dust storm comes in and then it picks up all the energy and moves it around and people start coming out more so it's like a rebirth or renewal."

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This is a joke right? OR, did the Mayor and City Council call them here for help on how to run a city? LOL

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