Bird is the Word

POSTED: Monday, November 22, 2010 - 5:31pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 11:29am

The El Paso Fire Department wants to keep you from crying foul this Thanksgiving...

EL PASO - Giving your loved ones the bird could lead to a party foul... if safety doesn't come first.

"Welcome to cooking with the El Paso Fire Department. I'm your host John Concha."

EPFD spokesperson turned chef John Concha wants to keep you abreast on fire safety this holiday season... giving you a leg up on deep frying turkeys... so you don't just wing it.

"Make sure that there's no pets around the area, there's no kids. They're going to be curious by nature and they're going to want to see what you're doing so make sure that they understand that they have to keep away."

Step one... no cold turkeys.

"Most common mistake...they put too much oil or they don't thaw it off, thaw the turkey completely and they introduce the turkey into the oil causing a violent reaction."

And bye, bye birdie.
Step two... don't fill the pot with too much oil.
Chef Concha says it's time for a bird bath... place the turkey into the empty pot and fill it with water until the bird is drumstick deep.

"The bird's completely covered and then we remove the bird and then we mark the level of the water to determine what the actual amount of oil you're going to need."

Once you've toweled off the turkey and the pot... fire in the hole.
Slowly lower the bird into the oil... and wait.

"You want to cook it outdoors, away from any building, away from any overhang, have enough space so in case it does flare up on you, it doesn't ignite part of the building or part of your house."

Great advise to prevent your holiday from going up in smoke.

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