El Paso Chef Set To Star In Reality Show

POSTED: Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 5:09pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 7:07pm

EL PASO- A reality show that features an El Paso chef will soon hit the airwaves.

It's the most expensive reality show that has been done by a cable network with some very popular reality shows. And although Chef Sai Pituk, the owner of Tara Thai in West El Paso, cannot quite spill the beans just yet.  But she's giving NewsChannel 9 Tonight a glimpse of what is expected to be the next reality show hit.

Chef Sai will soon show the world her culinary skills in a brand new reality show.  “It’s a chef competition show on a major network and everybody will be hearing about it very, very soon,” said Chef Sai. “Nothing like this has ever been done. It's one of the biggest productions that this certain network has ever, ever done.”

Although she cannot give specific details about the show just yet, Chef Sai did tell us she got to travel quite a bit.  “During the show, we moved around a lot. I think the viewers here will be very surprised on what we did and where I went with them,” said Chef Sai.

She says she was the only Asian chef and the only one who was not from a big city.  “People were looking at me like, 'Where are you from?' 'El Paso, Texas'. And they're like, 'What is she doing here?',” said Chef Sai.

She's not the one to sugar coat things or butter people up and her spunky personality made for some good TV.  “I caused some drama. Me and my fun buns were sometimes not so fun on the show,” she said.

But she did have some very memorable moments. During the show, she got to meet the cream of the crop of the culinary world.  “The people that I met, shook hands and hugged quite a few people that any chef or any foodie would be jealous. Let's just say I got giddy a few times myself,” said Chef Sai.

Something else that came out of the reality show, Chef Sai got signed to do a cookbook called "Asian Mother Sauces and Beyond".  “You're going to be able to cook everything from Thai, Japanese, Korean, to Singapore,” said Chef Sai.

She says the cookbook will feature some recipes from Tara Thai utilizing the Asian mother sauces.
“If you had one of my mother sauces, you could cook about 80% of the food that's done here at Tara Thai, so I may be putting myself out of business,” she said.

And as she prepares for life in the public eye, she says she's thankful for the support the Sun City has shown her.  “It's a gift that a lot of chefs in their career never get to experience and it's because of the people of El Paso that have allowed me to do the things that I do. So, thank you!” said Chef Sai.

Chef Sai thinks that she will be able to divulge more details sometime next month. Of course we'll keep you posted.

Chef Sai's restaurant, Tara Thai, is located at 2606 N. Mesa Street El Paso, TX 79902. Their phone number is 915-533-1300

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