Lyda Ness-Garcia Interview

POSTED: Monday, June 6, 2011 - 9:54pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 10, 2014 - 9:08am

NewsChannel 9 District 1 Runoff Election Forum

El Paso--


We invited both candidates, but only one of them came to discuss the issues.

In the District 1 El Paso City Council runoff election, the incumbent Ann Morgan Lilly is hard pressed by a challenger, El Paso attorney Lyda Ness-Garcia.  To serve El Paso voters with a vigorous discussion of topics important to them, we invited both women to appear in the NewsChannel 9 studio. Lilly did not respond. In accordance with the ground rules set by KTSM and explained to both candidates, we proceeded with just one candidate present--Lyda Ness-Garcia.  This is part one of our conversation held on June 6, 2011, with the runoff election just five days away. 




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She was WORTHLESS as my divorce lawyer, she lost my pension to the ex-husband who was a whore, cheater, liar and abuser. I presented plenty of evidence to the courtroom, but between her, the other lawyer and the judge, who knows, she probably sold herself for money here too. My case should not have gone this way, I did not deserve to loose my hard earned pension.

This woman is a corrupted I had a case with her and she sold herself for money in my case with the other side , she is a mass , dirty , corrupted , not a trust person , as a law she is danger, advantage for our city of El Paso get out of it she is not good for anything exept ????????? rule 69

Dan O'Rourke mentions the corruption in El Paso. we certainly have seen that with the way this campaign has gone south from day 1 with Lilly's big money supporters, attacking LNG on all fronts. They brought out all of their big guns seeing a dynamic candidate that was obviously a big threat. Thank goodness LNG is feisty enough to fight back, and unlike the Lilly camp whose attacks were personal and nothing to do with El Paso, Lyda was able to to unveil some of the corruption and how different ..

Here are all the emails when you Google the web.

look at page 26. References to Lyda Ness Garcia - Lilly is being advised by a Rick Bonart in his email to Lilly " ... you seemed resistant on ... but I think it would be a great idea .... Even if defeated it will make you look like a peace maker and leader." Lilly has to be coached on how to be perceived and "look" like a peacemaker and leader instead of just being one.

Where is Lilly? Why will she not talk to her constituents?
But for the Grace of God, we can all be in her shoes with the IRS. At least Ms Garcia comes and talks about her mistakes. Why will Lilly not come and talk about the criminal charges and lawsuits and clear up the shadow lurking over her?
Ms Garcia owes the Feds but has nothing to do with El Paso, Lilly's charges does involve El Paso and how she treats her constituents. If she is not using her power to bully then come and explain.

Where or where is Ann?
She is an embarrassment. How can you hide from us?
Do you think that by not taking a stand you can convince us you deserve to lead us?
Vote Ann Out.

WOW! It is so refreshing to hear someone talk with honesty and enthusiasm but most importantly to hear that she is Knowledgeable. As opposed to Ms. Lilly who won't even talk to the her constituents. I believe we diserve to hear from her what's happened with those law suits the same way she thinks we need to kwow about Layda's problem with the IRS.
I also believe the media has the same obligation to inform the public about those law suits as the same way they had talk about Ms. Ness-Garcia's

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