Cooking Class Teaches Children About International Cuisine And Healthy Eating

POSTED: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 4:14pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 6:04pm

A cooking class introduces kids to all kinds of international dishes. They learn how to make an appetizer, an entree and a dessert each from a different country during the three-hour class. It's all part of a cooking class geared for kids from 5 years of age to 12 called "Little Chefs Fiesta with an International Twist."

They're not only learning to cook delicious international food, but they're also using natural, healthy ingredients. The teacher, Julieta Inman, runs Panorama Kids Studio in West El Paso. She starts off the class with a lesson on kitchen safety, moves on to talking about healthy nutrition and then begins cooking.

"She, like, does it like an example first, so then I see that example and I start doing it and I get it," said Sophia, 8, who attended the class with her sister, Maggie.

"We try to keep it as healthy as possible, incorporate as many vegetables and fruits as we can," said Julieta.

"We've learned how to make cilantro pesto. We've made empanadas. We've had that incorporate Mexican ingredients with maybe Chinese cuisine," said Julieta.

On the menu today, the appetizer, cilantro pesto crostinis, are from Italy. The entree, summer veggie frittata, is from Spain. And the desert, apple cinnamon rolls, are from the U.S.

So noone is left out, each child is given a specific task best suited for their age group. "It worked our really nice because we had groups. The big kids groups and then the little kids groups," said Maggie.

And the kids go bananas over her recipes even before they try it. "I think it's pretty amazing because you get to use all these different ingredients and all those ingredients are healthy but at the same time, they taste better," said Dena.

At the end, the little chefs get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And for some reason, it's very, very quiet in the room. The kids reaction says Julieta is the icing on the cake. "To see kids trying new ingredients, tasting them and realizing that they like something that they never had before, that's part of the joy that I get from doing this," said Julieta.

The next Little Chefs Fiesta is being held on September 24th -- the last Saturday of September. For more information on the class, go to

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