Cookie Bouquet Decorators Create Art On Cookies

POSTED: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 12:58pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 2:57pm

EL PASO- This time of year, with the holidays coming, is the time when a lot of businesses get extra busy.

That's true for "Cookies by Design", a store in West El Paso that sells cookie bouquets for every occasion. The decorators showed us their newest creations and the kind of work that goes into them.

The job requires precision, creativity and self-control,  lots of self-control.

"Personally, I tell myself, one cookie a day no more," said decorator Diana Wood. "You don't want to eat all the cookies because then you have nothing to sell."

Sarah Kligman and Diana Wood, the decorators at Cookies by Design spend their entire day surrounded by cookies.  "We do a lot of custom orders, a lot of special requests that you don't see in the catalog," said Sarah.

When you first walk through the door, the smell of delicious sugar cookies hits you and you want to eat everything in sight. But then you look at how pretty the designs are you think about it twice.

On average, Sarah and Diana do about 50 orders per week including custom-made requests.

"Most people are just stoked that we were able to do what they actually wanted, what they saw in their head and we were able to put it on it on a cookie," said Diana.

The decorators have had their share of interesting requests.  "I got a monster truck one. I got to do a bunch of monster trucks. That was one was a blast because you have to take them from giant monster trucks and put them into small cookies and so the designs on that one were tough," said Diana.

But one specialty order that Sarah got really takes the cake.  "She said, 'I want a zombie chasing a little monkey and I want blood coming out of the mouth and all over the place.' And we were like, 'Ok we're gonna do it'" And we did it and she loved the way it came out," said Sarah.

And you may think that decorating a cookie bouquet may take a while, but the ladies say after much practice, it now comes easy to them.  "The ones that I do regularly, takes me like 20 minutes to put together a bouquet," said Diana.

And that includes correcting mistakes.  "Every time I do a cookie, if it's not perfect, if I don't think the customer's going to love it, I’ll scrape it and I’ll do it again," said Sarah.

Diana says she's excited to have the holidays coming up because she'll get to put her creativity to the test.

"I’m hoping that we get a lot of business for the holidays. That way I can do more of the bouquets," said Diana.

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How much are your cookies?
Can you ship them to Las Cruces?
How much time ahead do you need?
It looks like a very tasty and creative gift idea. I'd like to know more.
There is a cupcake shop near where I work in Cruces. But, I like the cookie idea better.
Thank you for your response.

This is Diana Wood.
We have a wide variety of cookies with many different price ranges and designs that could fit your personal interest. My best advice for prices would be to check out our website (listed above), come by our store, 7120 N. Mesa St., or call our store at 915-845-9000 and talking to one of us.
We deliver to all of El Paso and also to Las Cruces. We need at least 24 hours.
We love our cookies and would love to work with you to find something special for you so give us a call!

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