New Rules for Soldiers Training in McKelligon Canyon

New Rules for Soldiers Training in McKelligon Canyon

POSTED: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 4:22pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 25, 2011 - 8:41am

Soldiers who train in McKelligon Canyon have new marching orders tonight.

Many El Pasoans have complained that soldiers are keeping everyone from having full access to the canyon.

New regulations now call for reserving the canyon 72 hours prior to its use, staying on established trails and marching in single file line so no one interferes with traffic.

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THE COUNCIL NEEDS TO TAKE SOME SMART PILLS. Think that might help? Duh! Maybe not. Brain surgery? Do they have a brain? Seems not. New council? Now that sounds good.

So now we have to pay someone to monitor who reserved the canyon and who didn't. Wow and they wonder why we have to cut school budgets. This is ridiculous. So when its reserved for soldiers than civilians should not be allowed to be on the route, correct or not. If I reserve a room at restaurant no one else is allowed to be there, so the same should apply here. And just to let you know I'm a civilian.

Without Ft. Bliss and its soldiers, El Paso probably couldn't even afford to maintain McKelligon Canyon. El Paso would be just another backward dusty border town; or even worse, just a suburb of Juarez. The short-sighted dorks on city council should keep that in mind when they make their decisions.

Another double standard issue.

The canyon belongs to everyone, whether you are a soilder or a non soilder living in El Paso.

It's not like the soldiers use the canyon everyday. The soldiers of FT. Bliss are residents of El Paso too and should be able to use it whenever they want. Just like any group or person that is a resident here.

wth....its not their Canyon

How about vehicle traffic slow down when passing soldiers and others when they are using the canyon. If soldiers have to reserve the canyon why doesn't the civilian population have to reserve it? Soldiers use that canyon for marching routes more than anyone else in the city.

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