Event Planner Gives Easy and Affordable Christmas Decorating Tips

POSTED: Friday, December 16, 2011 - 6:18pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 19, 2011 - 2:10pm

Many of you will be holding holiday parties over the couple of weeks and a big part of the party is of course the decorations.  Caroline Whitemore, the owner of Eventures Designer Events, knows all about planning a holiday party. She held one for 200 guests at her headquarters in West El Paso. We tagged along to see how she put her feast together and as she does every year, she went all out.

Caroline says you can use elements on your Christmas tree on your table decorations to tie everything together.

"One of the fun things we've done this year is candy cane vases. You take a rubber band, put it around a regular, simple vase and put the candy canes around it," said Caroline.

"Take a stem of Amarylis and snap, boom! You've got your arrangement in two minutes.  Put it on a pewter table, and it's adorable. Put it on a white table and it's adorable, " she said.

"This is a candlestick. You just put a rubber band around it. It sits up," she said showing her creation.  "And you get a little ribbon; tie it around there and voila!"

"This is one of our tables. We took a magnolia garland. We have tons of trees. I buy it from the wholesaler. We have some floating candles. These are wonderful. You buy a few vases. You buy these floating candles at the hobby shop and you just float candles. It's a gorgeous touch," Caroline said.

"I typically, when I'm doing a party, I know what my food is. I put little sticky pieces in here and I say, 'This is for ham. These are the rolls. I put it all out.'   So there are no surprises, so the day of, boom! Let’s do it."

The bottom branches of your Christmas tree can also be used to decorate.  "You take the part that nobody wants because you can't put presents under the Christmas tree and you start cutting it to embellish the table.  It makes it smell wonderful. It gives it a fabulous touch. It's just so homey," she said.

She suggests tying in your Christmas trees decorations with your table decorations.  "Take those pearls, weave them in. Remember we have pearls on the Christmas tree. We have some of these jewels on the tree. We can pretty much embellish there. You can keep these little jewels that are also on the table," Caroline said.  "Look at that. It's fabulous. Just a few touches, a few of the ornaments from the tree, save them and save them for your table. "

"This is another touch that I like to do. I like to do a wreath and put plates on top of it, a serving plate.   Mustards and relishes and all that, you put your little plates on those. So, just a million things at the dollar store that you can use that are simple. Just make them have another use," she said.

Most importantly, she said, make sure you enjoy your own party.  "Whatever is easy, just make it easy. You never want to stress over your Christmas party. Do what you know. Make recipes that you know. Don't try new things unless you're really very confident. This should be fun, not stressful."

For more information about Eventures, go to www.eventureselpaso.com.  Caroline can be reached at 892-0842.

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