Doctor Discusses the Benefits of Anti Aging Medicine

POSTED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 2:18am

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 12:47pm

EL PASO- One doctor says there a new medical frontier that could really make a difference in your quality of life and possibly prolong it too. It's called anti aging medicine and it's something he says Hollywood stars are using to stay looking and feeling their best. And he himself has seen the results firsthand.

Paul Thompson, a Dallas- based doctor, is a champion cattle cutter, a sport which involves separating a single animal away from a cattle herd.

“What we do in cutting is we put our hands down and we ride with our feet,” said Dr. Thompson.

It's a sport that requires physical strength and endurance, something Dr. Thompson has plenty of now. But that wasn't the case some six years back. He says he was overweight and was running the risk of heart disease and diabetes and decided to an anti-aging doctor.

After starting his anti-aging transformation, Dr. Thompson says he began to see an overall improvement in his health and allowing him to do things he'd never done before.  “I've dropped a lot of body fat, increased lean muscle mass. I'm a lot stronger than I was. It gives me the ability to still do all the things I did when I was younger,” said Dr. Thompson.

Dr. Thompson was so impressed with the results that he left his successful urology practice to become an anti-aging doctor with Cenegenics Medical Institute.  “We always hear about the golden years and people say, "They're not so golden." We're making them golden,” he said.

The way he says anti-aging medicine does that is by assessing the patient's overall health through a series of tests which takes approximately 8 hours.  “What we do is 90 different blood panels. We spend a whole day with the nutritionist, exercise person. We do scans in the office to look at lean muscle, bone density, percent body fat,” said Dr. Thompson.

They also do cognitive studies. From there he decides what vitamins, minerals, supplements and life-style changes the patient needs to make in order to maximize their health.  “There's no comparison what we do and going to the doctor. I can say that because I was one,” said Dr. Thompson.

He says he treats celebrities and has patients from all 50 states and four countries. He also says he's got clients in El Paso who fly to Dallas to see him.  “But, that's how easy it is to do. In and out one day, and you're home. Now I’ll follow those patients up,” said Dr. Thompson.

He says he takes pride in knowing that through his practice, he's changing the course of someone's life.
“If I cure disease, I’m a good doctor. If I keep that disease from coming back, I’m a great doctor. If I can keep it from every happening, I’m the best doctor,” says Dr. Thompson.

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I truly hope that Dr. Thompson does not think that every person in El Paso is as illiterate as the editor in this article. Once again KTSM, you have published an article with sentences that make no sense to the educated reader. “We spend a whole day with the nutritionist, exercise person. <

You mean the kinesiology department? You started this paragraph: “They also do cognitive studies; who is they? “There's no comparison what we do and going to the doctor." What??? There are so many college students; some graduated who would love a job correctly publishing sentences that make sense!! KTSM needs to read the article before posting it! Please Dr. Thompson, do not think that we in El Paso are not embarrassed by this poorly edited article, it is shameful!

It was my first time to the area and though I was only there for 6-7 hours, I found the people to be wonderful and the scenery beautiful.I will be returning, this time with my wife, so we can both enjoy your great city.

By the way, I watched the video and never read the article.

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